Emotional Black Male – Preview

Emotional Black Male – Preview
Marlon Davis
Star Rating: *****
Comedy Bunker
West Ruislip
Middlesex HA4 7DQ

Edinburgh Fringe Preview Date: 19th July 2019

Emotional Black Male can be seen at the Edinburgh Fringe from 31st July 2019 – 25th August 2019, 6:50pm at Underbelly Bristo Square, Teviot Place, Edinburgh EH8 9AG.

If Edinburgh Fringe is giving out prizes for the wittiest show title, of the 1,000’s of shows taking place in August I can’t envisage many shows will have a catchier, wittier title than Marlon Davis’s ‘Emotional Black Male.’ The title’s worth an award all by itself.

This brand new show centres around a life threatening encounter Davis had with a tree .. whilst driving at high speed three years ago. Clearly no spoiler alert required to inform you that Davis happily lived to tell the tale. Davis has turned a near fatal tragedy into a poignant and extremely funny hour long show where you discover what it’s like to have your life turned upside down and diverted onto a radically different trajectory to the one you envisaged.

Marlon Davis

Whilst the incident obviously resulted in a terrible setback, fortunately it proved to be temporary as Davis is right back on track with an extremely funny and uplifting show which demonstrated man’s ability to triumph out of adversity.

Davis is an interesting, engaging and extremely funny comedian who effortlessly commands your attention. Along the way we hear about some of Davis’ back-story, his education, upbringing in North West London and how he straddled the line between trying to better himself and leave the hood, yet still maintain his street credibility in the tough area in which he was raised.

The subject of class and race is woven in as he jokes about getting his degree from a prestigious College as well as the un-conscious racism from some of his white lecturers.

He was at his best when in self-deprecatory mode, taking the mick out of his squeaky, high pitched accent and parenting skills and how they are perceived by his children.

Davis has emerged into the light from his darkest hour to produce a terrific, heart warming show. Running at around 1 ¼ hours there is room for reducing the length of the show to the obligatory Edinburgh Fringe 60 minutes, but that’s a minor quibble and a positive as it shows that he didn’t outstay his welcome on stage.

His show is running in Edinburgh throughout August. I’d highly recommend it and it’s such a good show that I’d be very surprised if anyone had to emotionally blackmail you to go and see it.

© Tiemo Talk of the Town

Emotional Black Male can be seen at the Edinburgh Fringe from 31st July 2019 – 25th August 2019, 6:50pm at Underbelly Bristo Square, Teviot Place, Edinburgh EH8 9AG.

The next Comedy Bunker show features a mystery TV guest – 8.30pm Friday 13th September 2019.

You can book online for either show via the above links.


Edinburgh Fringe 2019

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100% Simon Brodkin

Star Rating: *****
Comedy Bunker
West Ruislip
Middlesex HA4 7DQ
Edinburgh Fringe Preview Date: 19th July 2019

100% Simon Brodkin can be seen at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 from 31st July 2019 – 24th August 2019, 9.30pm at Baby Grand Pleasance Courtyard.

The name may not be as familiar to non comedy aficionados but his face certainly will be recognisable. Simon Brodkin’s been on the comedy circuit for many years now in various guises. Tonight however he was 100% Simon Brodkin.

It’s quite unusual and a brave move for a top comedian to go back to basics and step outside the character that’s brought them tremendous success. We’ve seen this far more frequently in the music business over the years when major artists re-invent themselves from success in a top band to going solo – think ‘The Police’ and Sting, Wham! And George Michael, ‘Take That’ and Robbie Williams; or even more pertinently, solo stars reinventing themselves like David Bowie and Prince. In literature, in a similar way, JK Rowling has also sought anonymity by publishing under a pseudonym. It might seem odd, but I guess it’s a chance for artists in various art forms to stretch themselves and see if they can reinvent themselves and be successful under a different guise.

Simon Brodkin

The witty, sharp humour was 100 % present with echoes of his more famous alter ego as Simon Brodkin revealed more of himself … and no not in that way either … to his Comedy Bunker audience for this pre-Edinburgh Fringe preview show.

Brodkin certainly has an interesting and slightly unusual back story for a comedian. He is a middle class Jew and former NHS Doctor turned stand-up comedian or “clown” as his mother initially called him! You can imagine how impressed his proud mother would have been about her doctor son giving up his hard earned, highly respectable career to go into light entertainment. Whatever the reasoning behind that, the medical profession’s loss has undoubtedly been comedy’s gain.

The audience were treated to some of the behind the scenes of his infamous stunts which included embarrassing US President Donald Trump whilst he opened his golf course in Scotland in 2017 and handing former Prime Minister Theresa May her p45 at the Tory party conference also in 2017.

Amongst the highlights were the routines focused on being a father, in particular his experience of being a single father … albeit for just one solitary week whilst his wife was away. It appeared to have taken this experience of being the sole parent for him to realise just how much effort the mother of his children puts into raising them. Every day. Every week. The spin off for the audience was lots of excellent, self-deprecatory jokes.

One of the most poignant sections of the show was the story of the funeral he attended which made him realise how, like many men, he doesn’t talk enough and delve deeper to make more emotional connections with friends and acquaintances. The lack of detailed knowledge he had of his late friend was emphasised in this routine which I suspect all too many men will identify with.

He also revealed that he himself had been hiding his true self from the public for too long, in character comedy, so now he was coming out so to speak and revealing his true self, in other words being 100% Simon Brodkin. This segment of the show, whilst poignant and funny, also tapped into the current national mood for men to open up, something Prince’s William and Harry frequently talk about.

This was a more reflective, more revealing and slightly more grown up show than we’re used to from Simon Brodkin. The sharp, belly laugh jokes are still there, just based around a different persona. You could say it’s a new character called ‘myself’. Was it 100% the real Simon Brodkin? Who really knows and does it even matter? This was a 100% funny show.

© Tiemo Talk of the Town

100% Simon Brodkin can be seen at the Edinburgh Fringe from 31st July 2019 – 24th August 2019, 9.30pm at Baby Grand Pleasance Courtyard.

Suitable for ages 14 and above.

The next Comedy Bunker show features a mystery TV guest – Friday 13th September 2019.

You can book online for either show via the above links.


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Why Does Dave Chappelle Hate Tiemo Talk? Live at Hackney Empire

Rating: ****
Hackney Empire Theatre,
London E8
Review date: 3rd June 2019
Promoter: Live Nation

To speak or not to speak that is the question and by speaking do you dare risk the wrath of the Thought Police and the politically correct? This has been pre-occupying Dave Chappelle and his opinion on the theme of freedom of speech formed the bedrock of the latest show from the American comedy superstar.

The strong criticism he’s faced from some of his previous shows in the context of the #MeToo movement clearly provided much food for thought. Did he choose to steer away from hot button topics and play it safe? Defiantly and definitely not was the answer. Chappelle dived straight in with near the knuckle jokes about the #MeToo movement. He asserted his support for the movement whilst objecting to and suggesting that their strategy needed re-thinking in order to build, not alienate male support. He argued that with more men on board the movement would gain even more traction.

He referred to the time he was directly caught up in the equal pay row raised by comedienne Mo’ Nique when she railed against the £500,000 she was offered for her Netflix stand up comedy special in 2018 compared to the £20m Chappelle and Chris Rock were getting for their respective shows. He had her back up until the point she brought him into the equation by comparing his fee with hers and more specifically the timing and precise nature of her request to viewers riled him. His acerbic, irreverent response was both unexpected and waspishly funny.

Dave Chappelle

Sexual abuse allegations against high profile pop stars featured heavily and his take on the likes of Chuck Berry, Michael Jackson and R Kelly were refreshingly original, honest, totally un-PC, yet highly amusing, whilst making it very clear he does not condone sexual abuse. He unpicked and poked fun at the absurdity of some of the claims made against these men. As ever context is everything and on stage at the Hackney Empire, a venue he said he’d always wanted to play, he made clear he was purely having fun at his fellow superstar’s predicaments.

He was full of praise for Kevin Hart – his work ethic and talent that’s got him to where he is and evidently felt bad for him that he was forced to forego his Oscar’s hosting role this year, due in no small part he stated ,to a gay (according to Chappelle) Blogger (Jonathan Weiner I presume) who “outed him” with releases of old tweets from 2010 which were deemed homophobic. It is for this reason Chappelle jokingly (I hope) said he hates Bloggers … maybe that’s why, Kevin Hart and Chris Rock ban mobile phones at their shows! When I heard that I stormed angrily out of Hackney Empire! Well not quite… as I’m made a sterner stuff and stayed put to watch the rest of the show.

I’m glad I did for Chappelle was on great form, delivering a good 1.5 hours or so of comedy. It was insightful, bold, confident and frequently funny in its strident, no nonsense brashness. What was admirable was that he wasn’t just saying things for shock value but he could back up his opinions with clarity and reason if he felt the need to explain himself.

It was of note that this show coincided with the visit of “his” President Trump to London. There are similarities between them – both shoot from the hip, saying whatever’s on their mind – regardless and don’t have much time for political correctness and feel they should be free to speak as they see it without negative consequences.

During a segment of the show with Kojo Amin, runner up on last Sunday’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) final’, he took a series questions from Kojo and the audience. This revealed an interesting explanation regarding why he avoids performing in arenas. Whilst this segment generated some context to his material and some off the cuff jokes, it took a while to get into its stride and wasn’t entirely successful. It seemed under cooked with Kojo seemingly not quite knowing what his role was. Was he there to tell jokes, be the butt of Chappelle’s or interview him? Well he didn’t tell jokes and Chappelle did tease him a little and allow him to facilitate the Q&A. He also praised Kojo’s ability, longevity and warmth shown to him over the years when he’s visited England. It was nice hearing his words of comfort to Kojo on missing out on winning BGT recalling how he once was runner up in a TV talent show many years ago, but it’s not exactly held him back. Who remembers the winner of that show he asked? No one!

There were a couple of hecklers who were a bit of a pain but he seemed quite cool about them. I think many would have preferred if they’d kept their thoughts to themselves, be ordered to pipe down or be thrown out by security.

DJ Cipha Sounds (famous in New York don’t you know) provided good entertainment to get the audience ready for the main man. I loved his selection of music for the audience warm up and the sing a log’s he got started. That worked very well and he had the crowd in the palm of his hands.

South London support act Travis Jay delivered a brilliantly innovative and highly topical set on the woes of former Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua who had just lost his 4 heavyweight belts in New York’s Madison Square Gardens in the early hours of Sunday morning (1st June 2019). I know he loves his boxing so this was an impressive indeed – almost as impressive as Andrew Ruiz’s shocking victory! I also loved his material regarding being a father of two.

I hope Chappelle doesn’t hate all Bloggers – well not me anyway for this was a great show – I don’t care about the others Bloggers!

© Tiemo Talk of the Town


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  2. Dave Chappelle London Eventim Apollo – Tiemo review – 18th July 2015
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Skittish Warrior: Confessions of a Club Comic: Live at Brunel

Rating: ****
Antonin Artoud Theatre,
Brunel University
Middlesex UB8
Review date: 31st May 2019
Produced by: Centre for Comedy Studies Research and Brunel Arts

Judging by the way Shappi Khorsandi bounded about the huge Antonin Artoud theatre in such a skittish way at Brunel University you’d never have guessed she was as tired as she confessed to feeling. The stage was enormous but she filled it with tremendous energy, sprightliness and joie de vivre as she bantered with some of the packed audience.

Her cheeky, somewhat saucy aside to the young male student as she recalled her own student days brought the house down. Once she’d got through her introductory light hearted audience interaction she moved on to share some of the ups and down of her 20 year journey as a Stand-Up Comedian. This included observing up close the awful baptism of fire a female comedian experience at one of the first live gigs Shappi ever attended at the brilliant but sadly now defunct Comedy Cafe, Shoreditch. It’s a wonder that didn’t put her off going into stand up comedy for life. Fortunately she was made of sterner, warrior stuff and went on to perform countless gigs over the years. She paid her dues and earned her stripes in the comedy industry, often spending more to get to far out gigs than she earned from the gig – if she got paid at all that is – such is the life of the up and coming comedian.

Shappi Khorsandi

Her hard work and dedication paid off and her trajectory elevated her to the high national profile she currently enjoys. This has resulted in appearances on Question Time and meeting the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn. There were some extremely funny anecdotes from those encounters set many years apart, well before and after she became well known. She has appeared on ‘Live at the Apollo’ and shared her experiences being on last year’s ‘I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here.’ There were some terrific stories about that show.

I loved the fact there were a number of her fellow Iranian’s in the audience with whom you could tell she enjoyed interacting with. The young lady asleep on the shoulder of her friend got of quite lightly I thought. We were told she was ill so it was lucky for them Shappi had the empathy to avoid making a meal of the situation as I suspect some other less than empathetic comedians, who would have been eager to make comedic capital from the situation.

Shappi was on fine, dare I say it, skittish warrior form and it is this, allied to her comedic talent, that has helped her survive not only the Australian jungle, but the arguably for more precarious jungle that is the UK stand-up comedy circuit.

Support act Joy Carter also gave a fine performance which included regaling the audience with her musical talent and sharing some of her very unusual backstory growing up as an adopted Nigerian child in Scunthorpe.

Compere, Australian Laura Davis, came across confidently, if a little confusingly at times – one moment telling the audience she’s bi-sexual, the next that she has a husband! We’ll leave her to explain that away! I found her to be a bit too loud and shouty when adopting an exaggerated Aussie accent elongated. Laura has potential but needs to work on finding her authentic comedy voice.

It was of note that this was an all female and international line up featuring comedians with Australian, Iranian and Nigerian heritage. That’s a refreshing break from the norm and helped create an excellent night of comedy from the Centre for Comedy Studies Research and Brunel Arts.

© Tiemo Talk of the Town

Shappi Khorsandi is currently on tour with Skittish Warrior and published two books – ‘A Beginner’s Guide To Acting English’ and ‘Nina Is Not OK.’

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Sting and Shaggy Star at the Roundhouse

Rating: ****
The Roundhouse
Chalk Farm
London NW1
Review date: 19th May 2019

Can you fit a square peg in a round hole goes the age old question? The same could be said for this curious gig. Can a good show be created by merging the divergent talents and musical styles – reggae, jazz and rock starring English music legend Sting and Jamaican reggae artist Shaggy? There was enough interest in this unusual combination for around 3,300 fans to turn up to this sold out night in London to find out whether or not Sting and Shaggy were a square peg trying to be squeezed into a Roundhouse.

This was Sting’s first show in the capital for 2 years since last performing at London’s Hammersmith Eventim Apollo in April 2015.

The duo go back a long and joined forces last year for this curiously titled 44/876 world tour … and no that’s a reference to the ages of Shaggy and Sting – although Sting does seem to have been around for something like 876 years! Joking aside that actually refers to the country dialling codes for the UK (+44) and Jamaica (+876).

Shaggy and Sting

The show opened with great crowd pleasing numbers including ‘Englishman in New York’ which had a wonderful added twist to it when Shaggy slightly altered the lyrics to ‘Jamaican in New York.’ There was actually a wonderful version going by that very same title from Shinehead (1992). That got the gig off to a terrific, lively start, instantly creating a party vibe which lasted throughout the evening as fans sang their hearts out to numerous classic hits. It was quite the nostalgic trip down memory lane as the pair ran through some of their greatest songs, not just as solo artists, but in Sting’s case of course, as front man of the all conquering band ‘The Police’ of late 1970’s and 1980’s fame.

I enjoyed Shaggy’s playful contributions, for instance, on ‘So Lonely’, in response to the line “Now no one’s knocked upon my door, for a thousand years or more…” Shaggy amusingly and simply retorted to Sting: “that’s a long time ago!” Cue much laughter in the audience and even a wry smile from Sting himself!

Shaggy would regularly add his own Jamaican style and reggae tinged spin on songs which often was a bonus, but sometimes came across as a little peripheral and lyrically incomprehensible, although the sound alone often carried more impact than trying to make sense of what he was actually singing!

Sting brought to the occasion his fine voice and bass playing, whilst Shaggy played the role of ring master, working the crowd, striding across the stage like the grand showman he is, orchestrating the fans singing and clapping; not that Sting didn’t perform the same role when he encouraged sing a long’s with his infamous “Eeooo Ooow’s” etc… although I felt that they did go on for a bit too long at times.

I’d not seen Shaggy live before so it was an experience to see him sing his famous hits such as ‘Oh Carolina’ and ‘It Wasn’t Me’. These went down well with the crowd. Overall though I found Shaggy engaging and entertaining, musically and lyrically I wasn’t overly enamoured by all of the songs he brought to the table. They seemed somewhat trite and having lyrics which were pretty unfathomable didn’t help.

Nonetheless this was for the most part just a fun gig. The artistes were enjoying themselves and the audience, comprising mostly old school Police/Sting fans were in party mood and cheerfully bopping away to the hits, which kept coming from ‘So Lonely’, To ‘Message in a Bottle’, to ‘Walking on the Moon.’ Despite Sting”s tremendously successful solo career the clear and overwhelming sense one got from the night, was that the old Police hits were the crowd favourites and really lifted the energy to much higher levels and got everyone going. Calls for The Police to reform to tour again have surfaced online from hardcore fans and you can’t blame them. The Police drummer Stewart Copeland was at London’s Southbank Centre as recently as March 2019. Sting was playing London in May 2019. Andy Summers is apparently playing in a Police tribute band. All drawing on their band’s back catalogue. Why not re-unite for the loyal fans again? It makes sense in so many ways.

‘Don’t Make Me Wait’ cry the fans for this dreamed of re-union. It’s also the name of Sting and Shaggy’s single from last year and that song was a lovely new single, with their melodic voices aligned in perfect harmony to the song’s gentle reggae beat. Songs such as ‘Desert Rose’ and ‘Shape of my Heart’ were very well received too.

There were a number of newer, slower, far less well known songs, which gave the audience a breather from the high energy, big hits. It was almost taken as an interlude, an opportunity to soak up the atmosphere and listen to the music as opposed to singing and dancing along all the way through as so many were doing.

It would have been nice to have heard some of the songs Sting rarely plays live such as ‘Russians’, ‘Bring on the Night’, ‘Tea in the Sahara’ and ‘Voices inside my head’ for instance. ‘Fields of Gold’ wouldn’t have gone amiss as well.

One annoyance was the constant filming and photo taking. I get it and understand why people do it but surely after a few songs in it’s time for people to put away their phones and simply enjoy the show. Surely there’s no need to be still filming over an hour into the show. In any event it was being professionally and officially filmed – presumably for release at some point in the future. I think the American stand-up comedians Dave Chapelle, Kevin Hart and Chris Rock are on to something when they ban the use of mobile phones at their gigs. It just creates a far better atmosphere without the distraction. It ensures fans have to live in and experience the moment rather than focus on capturing it on film.

The good humoured banter between Sting and Shaggy highlighted the warmth and camaraderie between the two men. It was great to see them up close and personal at this lovely relatively small venue for men of this stature. It made a very welcome change to not have to rely on video screens to see all the action up close if not fortunate enough to be in the front rows.

Given their respective ages they certainly had a lot of stamina and staying power performing for over 2 hours without so much as a break or interval. No quibbles about value for money.

I thoroughly enjoyed the gig and the quality, energy and pleasure of hearing the hit songs “live” was worth the price of admission alone. I did feel though that there were a few too many lulls in proceedings with unfamiliar songs, be they Sting’s or Shaggy’s, that simply weren’t of the exemplary standard of Sting’s and The Police’s greatest songs.

It was evident that Sting and Shaggy certainly weren’t square pegs trying to fit into round holes. They were more akin to a dynamic duo fitting comfortably into a Roundhouse.

© Tiemo Talk of the Town


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Stewart Copeland Transcends Darkness to Light up the Orchestra

Rating: *****
Southbank Centre
London SE1
London Concert Orchestra
Troy Miller – conductor
Stewart Copeland – percussion, drums
Review date: 30th March 2019

This sounded interesting. A culture clash of drumming and classical music, featuring the drummer and founder of “that band” as Stewart Copeland un-cryptically referred to his former band The Police and the London Concert Orchestra. Would it be a culture clash and riotous clash of styles though or would the two forms seque-way harmoniously and symphonically?

The first couple of numbers were traditional classical pieces and Stewart Copeland’s drumming fitted in seamlessly, as indeed did the full, enormous 50 piece London Concert Orchestra playing all manner of instruments – from violins, trombones, flutes, saxophones, guitars and double bass to name but a small selection of the instruments being played. It all sounded so beautiful. The highlights of the show for me were Don’t Stand So Close to Me, Darkness and Miss Gradenko, the former being one of The Police’s biggest hits. The latter were two of the less well known, but still much loved album songs. It was great to hear them all again re-worked in such a classical style.

Stewart Copeland

It was a joy to hear Copeland’s humourous and informative anecdotes and introductions to each song. It was effectively, for those who’d not been paying attention at the back, a real update on what he’d had been up to since his Police days. As this show indicated he’s been busy learning the craft of composing musical scores for films, TV shows and video games. He’s the man behind the music composed for Rumblefish, Wall Street, The Equaliser and Spyro the Dragon platform game (me neither)! Copeland acknowledged that those in the audience over 36 probably would have no idea about that one.

The audience loved the moment when Copeland and the Conductor Troy Miller Wall swapped roles. Miller actually drummed very well and Copeland gleefully conducted energetically and overly theatrically in his exuberant, American way. He was loving his moment running the show and you could see he was thoroughly enjoying himself on stage. It was a joy to behold.

London Concert Orchestra

His drumming, it goes without saying, was superb, if a tad restrained by his usual high energy, frenetic standards, but that was to be expected considering this was an orchestral night. Copeland was so restrained he didn’t even let loose and deliver solo drum passages!

This mix of cultures was not such a crazy idea after all. Drumming and orchestral manoeuvres worked a treat. I love the way both he and the man he described as the “greatest living songwriter alive” Sting have both done tours with Orchestra’s and let their post The Police creative juices flow in this and so many other unexpected directions over the years.

© Tiemo Talk of the Town


Stewart Copeland: Poltroons in Paradise from Tyrant’s Crush; Darkness; Pirate’s Attack from Ben Hur; Wall Street; Coco from Rhythmatist
Gordon Sumner: Don’t stand so close to me arranged by Stewart Copeland

Stewart Copeland: West Tulsa Story from Rumblefish; Theme from The Equalizer; Klentong from Gamelan D’Drum; Rain Tiger; Seventeen from Spyro the Dragon; Miss Gredenko.

Further information on Stewart Copeland and forthcoming tour dates

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No Brexit, No Matter: Brexit Free Comedy at the Comedy Bunker

Rating: ****
The Comedy Bunker
West Ruislip
Middlesex HA4
Comedians: Jonathan Elston (Compere); Prince Abdi, Sarah Callaghan and Tom Ward
Review date: 29th March 2019

I say I say I-SA, what do you get when you hold a comedy night on so called ‘Brexit day’? The answer is a wonderfully bonkers, politics free, mash up of a show the covers everything from Prince and Cher, relationships and ISA’s, Usain Bolt and the Grand Canyon.

This was billed as a mystery night so I literally had no idea whatsoever who was to appear on stage. Trying his best to make sense of all this was the easy going host Jonathan Elston. From seemingly mining dead end conversations with the front row – comprising a fork lift digger, a “sometime” PE Teacher and a Prison Officer he somehow managed to segue way in links between them all and others in the audience in a highly entertaining way. This allowed him to demonstrate his quick wittedness in combining the curious comment from one of the men about “sometimes doing a little bit of PE teaching” for a living, to a reposte about him one way or another going to end up on a register! Very good.

Jonathan Elston

Prince Abdi was on great form with a lot of silly, observational jokes and material playing on racial stereotypes in a very light hearted, unthreatening way. I loved the stories re his brother being kicked out of the home and his attempts at chirpsing young women.

Sarah Callaghan was amusing in her mock aggressive/angry young woman way. The anecdote about her date being 5 minutes late and how that so annoyed her was a joy to hear and in a very funny way, she actually gets across a serious point about the value and importance of time and punctuality, even “just 5 minutes.”

Callaghan’s ironic take on the #MeToo movement too went down well too. As the only female on the line up, that was perhaps not surprisingly, the only act reference to the movement. I guess the men thought better of “going there” on such a delicate topic.

Headliner Tom Ward with his Lego/Beatles haircut was highly original and amusing with his utilisation of music, particularly Prince and Cher. He was brilliant at getting laughs from the different “sexy” voices of Prince and the unintelligible warbling of Cher on her hit single ‘I Believe.’

On this ‘Mystery Night’ show we had a couple of familiar faces in Prince Abdi and Sarah Callaghan, plus two new ones (to me anyway) in Jonathan Elston and Tom Ward. Neither I or the audience were disappointed. I love that about Comedy Bunker and so do the attendees they know they will always enjoy a good and varied night of entertainment.

It’s ironic that this night of stand-up comedy took place at, of all places. the Comedy Bunker, for there was no problems getting the laughs out on the night. The Comedy Bunker delivered on their promise, unlike certain politician’s. In fact the only thing stuck in the bunker at the moment seems to be the Government’s attempts to Brexit the European Union.

Sarah Callaghan

Aside from the acts on stage the undoubted audience star of the night was local guy Sam who happened to know the 3 guys on the front row and wisecracked his way through the night in entertaining banter with the Compere. Best of all was when Elston noticed after the final interval that Sam’s girlfriend Summer hadn’t returned. That created a bit of tension in the room and you half-expected her to walk in and take up her seat, but she didn’t. #Awkward. Sarah Callaghan would not have liked that one bit!

Elston was offered and sardonically declined Sam’s offer of a glass of Prosecco. During a momentary silence to interrupt Elston’s flow of concern for his situation, Sam exclaims, I think by way of saying all is not lost, “We’ve got an ISA.” That brings the house down and Elston proceeds to joke about whether the value of the ISA is sufficient to hold this relationship together. Unlike, I hope, their ISA, that was absolutely unexpectedly, left  of field, priceless. Shortly afterwards, Sam, looking a little worse for wear it has to be said, Brexited out into the night to look for Summer, never to be seen again.

We can but hope that Sam and Summer re-united, but as we enter Spring today, 31st March 2019, maybe the reality is that Sam will have to get through this brand new season all on his own before re-uniting with his girlfriend Summer in … you’ve guessed it … Summer!

If you’re reading this Sam and Summer let us all know how things are going. Maybe you will re-unite at the next night of entertainment at The Comedy Bunker. We shall see.

© Tiemo Talk of the Town

The next show at The Comedy Bunker sees the return of one of the country’s most popular Comedian’s – A Night With Jim Davidson on Friday 26th April 2019.

Brexit: A Solution to Break the Deadlock – 11th March 2019

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