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Why a Victorious Theresa May Will Deliver on her 5 Year Mandate

If you were to believe our media (established and social) you’d be mistaken for thinking the Labour party won last week’s General Election. Since when did second become the new first? On that basis I must congratulate Spurs on winning … Continue reading

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After Manchester & London Bridge Can We Do More to Combat Islamic Extremism and Knife Crime?

What Price a White life over a Black life? What price a man’s life? #Men’s Lives Matter #Black Lives Matter Aside from trying to figure out what kind of madness would make a man commit such heinous crimes and take … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why Wenger Will Stay

Wenger In? Wenger Out? Those are the questions. It has been the one subject exercising the minds of Arsenal fans and the media for much of the season. It’s been quite the soap opera. When, if ever, will it end … Continue reading

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Fans Flock to George Michael Memorial Service

  There’s a saying in stand up comedy and boxing that timing is everything. It was brilliantly co-incidental timing therefore that less than 24 hours earlier the country  had started rejoicing in a potential future Watford legend, Anthony Joshua, following … Continue reading

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President Obama: Tribute, Reflections and Legacy

Reach Society Central London Friday 27th January 2017 President Obama: Tribute, Reflections & Legacy  How would you best sum up the achievements and legacy of former President Barack Obama? This is what a group of professional Black men set out to … Continue reading

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Trumpeting Trump’s Triumph and the Downfall of the Political Elite

By the looks of the media and over the top public reaction to the result of last week’s US Presidential election you’d think the unbelievable had happened. The media and public a are reacting as if Trump’s win as a … Continue reading

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Bye, Bye Barack – The Worst President Ever in American History? Review

Battle of Ideas 2016 Cinema 3 Barbican Centre London EC2 Saturday 22nd October 2016 An interesting Battle of Ideas 2016 discussion analysed whether or not President Barack Obama is the worst US President ever. Listening to the views of Kate … Continue reading

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