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What is wrong with disciplining children?

Saturday 18 October 2014, Battle of Ideas 2014 Frobisher 4-6, Barbican Centre, London, England. Therapy Culture Over the past few decades, the idea that education and family life should be ‘child centred’ has been taken up by researchers, campaigners and … Continue reading

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Remembrance Sunday – Is it a load of Poppycock?

Today, Remembrance Sunday is a day we are encouraged to remember and commemorate the fallen dead who fought in World War I, World War II and countless other wars since. I visited the Polish War Memorial in Ruislip, West London, … Continue reading

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DRIP by drip: have we given up on privacy?

Saturday 18 October, Battle of Ideas 2014 Frobisher Auditorium 2, Barbican Technological Innovation The revelations made last year by Edward Snowden, a former contractor at the US National Security Agency (NSA), were a sharp reminder of just how much the … Continue reading

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Votes for Prisoners: Yes or No?

Votes for prisoners: essential for democracy or human rights gone mad? Free Stage, Barbican London Sunday 19 October 2014 This Battle Bite session is part of a special series of informal conversations between Battle of Ideas speakers on topics in … Continue reading

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Mock the Tweet: Andrew Lawrence – Things a Comedian shouldn’t say

Congratulations Andrew Lawrence. You made it to number one. You are everyone’s number one favourite comedian. That is #1 favourite comedian that your fellow comedians love to hate. Love to attack. Tremendous. You must be doing something right for so many … Continue reading

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Grimm and bear it – The Grimms’ Tales

The Grimms’ Tales Star rating: * Argosy Players Compass Theatre Ickenham Saturday 11th October 2014 “When two children find an old story book in a loft, they don’t know that it will take them to places they could never have … Continue reading

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