About Us


Welcome to the Tiemo Talk of The Town Blog, established in 2011.

We cover a wide variety of  comedy shows, plays, debates, conferences, festivals and films that examine the arts, culture, education, faith, health and well-being, politics, relationships and society  that empower people and communities.


Please join in the discourse by posting your comments and sharing Blogs you find interesting. Below every Blog there is a reply section to post comments. You are welcome to post under a pseuodnym if you prefer.

Ratings Guide

*            A show or event which had major flaws in all areas.

**          A  performance that had some flaws.

***       A good, value for money performance.

****     An excellent show that over-delivered in one or more areas.

*****   An outstanding show with which we could find no fault.

This is based upon The Broadway Baby review guide and with due consideration to the star rating system used by many newspapers, magazines and websites.

Michael Peters is the Editor of the Blog. His writing has been published in Grapevine magazine, InsideMan, Media Diversified, New Nation, The Voice and the Uxbridge Gazette. He has appeared on OHTV, BEN TV and Arise TV. From time to time he has been a guest on BBC Radio Bristol, BBC Radio London , Colourful Radio, LBC and V.O.A.R.


We are very happy to announced that our blog has been nominated for two UK Blog Awards 2016. You can vote daily for this award for both our categories and we would be delighted to receive your votes.

Voting opened on 4th January 2016 and closes on 25th January 2016.

Michael Peters,

Tiemo Talk of the Town



Updated 6th February 2016

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