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10 Steps To Eradicating Racist Murders and Honouring the Life of George Floyd

Stay Alert. Control the Police. Save Lives You could be forgiven for thinking America is at civil war judging by the pictures on our news screens last week and this week following the cold blooded, calculated murder/manslaughter of George Floyd … Continue reading

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12 Reasons Why Boris Johnson Was Right to Stick with Dominic Cummings

1. The Successful Strategy and Numbers Congratulations to the Government and Chief Adviser to the Prime Minister, Dominic Cummings. The numbers are going down. Obviously any deaths as a result of Covid-19, or anything for that matter – other illnesses … Continue reading

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Armed Police Can’t Stop Attacks

Last Wednesday 3rd August 2016 the London Evening Standard displayed a terrifyingly stark front page featuring four Robocop style Met Police Officers. Armed to the teeth in a show of military strength. Inside there was a detailed breakdown of all … Continue reading

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Brexit fallout – Who’s laughing now?

So it happened. The unexpected outcome of the EU Referendum. We’re out of the EU and EURO 2016 – which is one thing all sides would agree was not part of the masterplan! Or are we definitely out of the … Continue reading

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Angry Britain – Does the murder of Jo Cox tell us something about the state of the nation?

As we know, the tragic and senseless murder of Jo Cox MP last Thursday resulted in a brief suspension in campaigning for today’s European Referendum. Political leaders and commentators called on the public and fellow politicians to take a moment … Continue reading

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Surprising New Developments set to Regenerate one of West London’s Best Kept Secrets

***  EXCLUSIVE *** On 22 July 2015 a High Court Judge threw out the supermarket giant Sainsbury’s appeal against the London Borough of Hillingdon to block development work on the Old Dairy, Ruislip. The site had laid dormant for 9 … Continue reading

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After Ferguson: How far has the civil rights movement progressed in America and Britain?

One year on from the tragic events of Ferguson, Missouri, where Michael Brown, 18, was shot dead by police, which resulted in the Ferguson riots of August 2014 and other “sympathy riots” right across America, what is the current state … Continue reading

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Rape Culture: Menace or myth?

Feminism and its discontents Battle of Ideas 2015 from Institute of Ideas Frobisher Auditorium 1 – Barbican Centre London EC2 Sunday 18th October 2015 What sort of society do we live in today? Many thoughts spring to mind. I would … Continue reading

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3.5 Minutes, Ten Bullets film review

Star rating: ***** Regent Street Cinema, London W1 Review date: Thursday 24th September 2015 Director: Marc Silver The curiously titled 3.5 Minutes Ten Bullets (Dogwoof films) precisely sums up the essence of this documentary. Namely that on Black Friday 2012 (irony upon … Continue reading

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Can’t Care, Won’t Care – Review

Sophia Walker Star rating: **** Banshee Labyrinth (Venue 156) Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015 Performances 13:40pm (60 mins) Daily 7th – 30th August 2015 £Free: Pay what you think the play is worth. Further details Review date: Thursday 13th August 2015                                                        A … Continue reading

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