Did Prince Philip Die as a Result of Taking the Covid-19 Vaccination?

The cause of death of the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is shrouded in mystery with Buckingham Palace declining to provide a reason.

Looking back on recent events leads to his Covid-19 vaccination as a potent contributory factor. On 9th January 2021 he and the Queen had their first dose of the vaccination – which brand hasn’t been disclosed, but considering only the Astra-Zeneca and Pfizer vaccines were on offer in the UK on that date, one has to conclude it was more than likely one of those.

Just 5 short weeks later, on 16th February 2021, Prince Philip find himself hospitalised at King Edward VII hospital. Presumably therefore he will have been ill a little while before then, in the absence of any clarification, pointing to a potential negative side effect of his vaccination. He didn’t live long enough to take the second dose of the vaccine.

The Prince remained in hospital for a total of 4 week, including a stay at St Bart’s hospital before being discharged on 16th March 2021 sadly looking as if the grim reaper had paid him an early visit. It was reported he’d had heart surgery for a pre-existing heart condition. He clearly wasn’t a well man.


Notwithstanding the fact he was of course a very old man and he could have simply died of old age and his pre-existing heart condition, he seemed to be doing OK health wise up until January. He hadn’t been in hospital for some years and had been self-isolating for the best part of a year at Windsor Castle so there’s no particular reason why he should have deteriorated so rapidly at that specific time.

Of course people do die aged 99 all the time and miss out on reaching the 100 milestone, but it does strike me as highly unusual for someone to die aged 99 years and 10 months. There may of course be other un-reported factors, but the only significant known one is that of him having taken the Covid-19 vaccination.

The public is usually given a cause of death for royalty and prominent public figures. There is a secrecy around which vaccine he took, what he was in hospital for and what he actually died of. Considering the negative impact it would have on the vaccine roll out programme, if it was the vaccine, you can’t discount that. The mass media , government and the royal family are as one, as if deliberately presenting a united front, in promoting the vaccine as the way out of lockdown and defeating Covid-19,  so you have to take a step back to consider whether they would have put this into the public domain if they knew the vaccine triggered the Duke’s demise.

Funeral at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle

It’ was very sad that the funeral was in front of only 30 guests. That’s ludicrous and highlights the inconsistency of the government’s lockdown policy and associated restrictions on its citizen’s civil liberties.

Since around February 2021 churches have been permitted to open for worship with the only restrictions on numbers who can attend determined by individual churches own assessment of risk. On that basis if worshipers can worship in their 100’s safely where is the logic or scientific basis for capping funerals at 30 and weddings at 15? There isn’t any as far as I can discern.

It’s seems even more illogical when you consider that people have always been able to shop in supermarkets – citadels of consumerism amongst mass numbers (no pun intended) of strangers, yet a couple can’t marry in front of more than 15 wedding guests or attend a funeral with more than 30 family members and close friends.

St George’s Chapel has a capacity of 800 and is of  very impressive height, so being inside there could be deemed akin to being outdoors, which as we know from the science is where people are meant to safest from the virus. Therefore allowing for social distancing you could surely quite easily and safely have held at least 300+ in the Chapel in a socially distanced manner in line with church regulations set out in those very same government guidelines.

FA Cup Semi-Final ‘Test Events’

The same applies to football matches. I imagine the late Duke of Edinburgh, former President of the Football Association between 1955-1957, would be spinning in his grave with the current goings on.

There were two prestigious FA Cup semi-final’s this week-end at the 90,000 capacity Wembley stadium. The Chelsea v Manchester City match on the same day as the funeral had less  fans than guests at the funeral i.e. nil (the same number as goals Manchester City scored). The Southampton v Leicester City match on 18th April 2021 had 4,000 Brent residents in attendance, at what they are deeming a test event. It’s bemusing that the same venue permits 4,000 on one day, but zero, the day before. Why the difference between the two events?

Again 4,000 in a 90,000 outdoor stadium is un-necessarily restrictive. As far as I am aware there is no logical or scientifically valid explanation that can justify this. I feel that fans and football clubs should now respond to this with the same antipathy and anger many have shown towards the proposed European Super League announced on 18th April 2021 and stop tolerating this any longer. Fans should be allowed to fill Wembley Stadium for this Sunday’s Carabao Cup Final, next month’s FA Cup Final plus all manner of league matches and play off finals in May 2021.

The Funeral

The build up, the pre-service outdoor pomp and ceremony was actually absolutely spectacular. It was just a shame the actual service was a real let down that didn’t match the outdoor spectacle. It lacked passion, warmth, emotion and any semblance of the personal. There were few references to the Duke, no eulogies and incredibly bland. dire sounding hymns. It was just very flat and un-befitting of the occasion and august surroundings

Record Breaking Number of BBC Complaints

The BBC received 100,000 complaints about its coverage on the day of Prince Philip’s death – 9th April 2021. It cleared its BBC1 & BBC2 schedules for the day. Did they learn and take heed? No. The BBC1 schedule on the day of the funeral, 17th April 2021, was effectively taken over by the funeral build up, ceremony and post-ceremony analysis from 6am – 16:20pm. That’s a monumental 10 hours 20 minutes of rolling royal coverage!!!

Even allowing for the fact BBC Breakfast News was already scheduled from 6-10am everything else (and I’m sure much of Breakfast News was devoted to the funeral) was specifically funereal related. The BBC could have directed viewers to its BBC News Channel (as obviously there CAN NOT be any other news in the world on such a day),  or other channels for instance. I accept that it’s a big deal and merited major prominence. I think more of a balance needed to be struck in this day and age, recognising that there are numerous digital TV channels, where if people want 24/7 news they have it via BBC news channels and various other channels. The BBC didn’t have to give over so much time to this to the detriment of non-funeral programming that was scheduled.

Prince Philip lived a tremendous life and left behind a great legacy with the Duke of Edinburgh award, bringing the royal family into the 21st century, putting conservation and environmental issues on the map and through the positive impact he’s had on so many people judging by the numerous anecdotes broadcast and published since his passing.

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