Grimm and bear it – The Grimms’ Tales

The Grimms’ Tales

Star rating: *

Argosy Players

Compass Theatre


Saturday 11th October 2014

“When two children find an old story book in a loft, they don’t know that it will take them to places they could never have imagined.

Adapted from the original Grimm’s Tales using music, stunning visuals and playful story telling, this is theatre where the unexpected will be expected.”

The ‘Grimms’ Tales’ play was anything but playful. Produced by Argosy Players,  I had high hopes of a riveting, edge of the seat, scary show. After all, how could you go wrong with such a well known collection of stories that include ‘Hansel and Gretal’? Unfortunately the clue was in the title and the production was grimm by name and grim by nature.

Alas, one of the few sparks of the night was provided by a firework going off on stage. I’m sure that woke up a few people in the audience.  There was little by way of a theme to the show, few thrills, no shocking horror or tension.

The absence of gripping tension and real drama was the biggest let down in a show that really to me just plodded on rather aimlessly. The production made very good use of staged BBC news footage covering the missing children in the woods. Viewing this just 11 days after the body of murdered school girl Alice Gross had been discovered in nearby Brent River Park, Hanwell, the play felt both topical and poignant.

I know this is amateur theatre and not the West End, but Compass Theatre regularly put on some wonderful amateur productions, such as Agatha Christie ‘Murder, Mystery and Suspense’ productions and ‘The Creation of the World and other Business’ by Arthur Miller. This sadly was not one of those gems.

In short, the Grimms’ Tale turned out to be something of a grim experience. Hey ho. Sometimes in life you just have to grim and bear it!

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1 Response to Grimm and bear it – The Grimms’ Tales

  1. Deloris says:

    Shockingly boring. Excellent props though!

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