No Brexit, No Matter: Brexit Free Comedy at the Comedy Bunker

Rating: ****
The Comedy Bunker
West Ruislip
Middlesex HA4
Comedians: Jonathan Elston (Compere); Prince Abdi, Sarah Callaghan and Tom Ward
Review date: 29th March 2019

I say I say I-SA, what do you get when you hold a comedy night on so called ‘Brexit day’? The answer is a wonderfully bonkers, politics free, mash up of a show the covers everything from Prince and Cher, relationships and ISA’s, Usain Bolt and the Grand Canyon.

This was billed as a mystery night so I literally had no idea whatsoever who was to appear on stage. Trying his best to make sense of all this was the easy going host Jonathan Elston. From seemingly mining dead end conversations with the front row – comprising a fork lift digger, a “sometime” PE Teacher and a Prison Officer he somehow managed to segue way in links between them all and others in the audience in a highly entertaining way. This allowed him to demonstrate his quick wittedness in combining the curious comment from one of the men about “sometimes doing a little bit of PE teaching” for a living, to a reposte about him one way or another going to end up on a register! Very good.

Jonathan Elston

Prince Abdi was on great form with a lot of silly, observational jokes and material playing on racial stereotypes in a very light hearted, unthreatening way. I loved the stories re his brother being kicked out of the home and his attempts at chirpsing young women.

Sarah Callaghan was amusing in her mock aggressive/angry young woman way. The anecdote about her date being 5 minutes late and how that so annoyed her was a joy to hear and in a very funny way, she actually gets across a serious point about the value and importance of time and punctuality, even “just 5 minutes.”

Callaghan’s ironic take on the #MeToo movement too went down well too. As the only female on the line up, that was perhaps not surprisingly, the only act reference to the movement. I guess the men thought better of “going there” on such a delicate topic.

Headliner Tom Ward with his Lego/Beatles haircut was highly original and amusing with his utilisation of music, particularly Prince and Cher. He was brilliant at getting laughs from the different “sexy” voices of Prince and the unintelligible warbling of Cher on her hit single ‘I Believe.’

On this ‘Mystery Night’ show we had a couple of familiar faces in Prince Abdi and Sarah Callaghan, plus two new ones (to me anyway) in Jonathan Elston and Tom Ward. Neither I or the audience were disappointed. I love that about Comedy Bunker and so do the attendees they know they will always enjoy a good and varied night of entertainment.

It’s ironic that this night of stand-up comedy took place at, of all places. the Comedy Bunker, for there was no problems getting the laughs out on the night. The Comedy Bunker delivered on their promise, unlike certain politician’s. In fact the only thing stuck in the bunker at the moment seems to be the Government’s attempts to Brexit the European Union.

Sarah Callaghan

Aside from the acts on stage the undoubted audience star of the night was local guy Sam who happened to know the 3 guys on the front row and wisecracked his way through the night in entertaining banter with the Compere. Best of all was when Elston noticed after the final interval that Sam’s girlfriend Summer hadn’t returned. That created a bit of tension in the room and you half-expected her to walk in and take up her seat, but she didn’t. #Awkward. Sarah Callaghan would not have liked that one bit!

Elston was offered and sardonically declined Sam’s offer of a glass of Prosecco. During a momentary silence to interrupt Elston’s flow of concern for his situation, Sam exclaims, I think by way of saying all is not lost, “We’ve got an ISA.” That brings the house down and Elston proceeds to joke about whether the value of the ISA is sufficient to hold this relationship together. Unlike, I hope, their ISA, that was absolutely unexpectedly, left  of field, priceless. Shortly afterwards, Sam, looking a little worse for wear it has to be said, Brexited out into the night to look for Summer, never to be seen again.

We can but hope that Sam and Summer re-united, but as we enter Spring today, 31st March 2019, maybe the reality is that Sam will have to get through this brand new season all on his own before re-uniting with his girlfriend Summer in … you’ve guessed it … Summer!

If you’re reading this Sam and Summer let us all know how things are going. Maybe you will re-unite at the next night of entertainment at The Comedy Bunker. We shall see.

© Tiemo Talk of the Town

The next show at The Comedy Bunker sees the return of one of the country’s most popular Comedian’s – A Night With Jim Davidson on Friday 26th April 2019.

Brexit: A Solution to Break the Deadlock – 11th March 2019

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