Brexit: A Solution to Break the Deadlock

Dear Reader,

There is a 3rd option and a way through to break the seemingly un-ending drama that is Brexit. It’s rarely talked about at all but I think it’s high time the Government stopped their endless prevaricating over Brexit and took decisive action to bring this interminable saga to a conclusion. It’s in their power to do so but they seem to be avoiding it like the plague. This departure is taking so long it even appears to be affecting the seasons. You’ll recall that only last month we were experiencing Summer weather in February! Maybe that’s one of the pleasant upsides to Brexit no-one told us about.

Prime Minister Theresa May

To me, ever since it became clear that our government had failed to reach a deal acceptable to parliament or the nation,  Brexiteers or Remainers, the only real solution left opened up right in front of our eyes.

It’s one that will avoid the need for a delay to the 29th March 2019 deadline and fulfills parliament’s legal and democratic obligations, for it places this momentous decision firmly in the hands of our elected representatives.

Gina Miller, Businesswoman and Activist


This after all is precisely what Businesswoman and Activist Gina Miller fought for and was rightfully applauded for when she successfully won her Supreme Court case (24th January 2017) against the  British government. I urge the Prime Minister Theresa May to stop negotiating with the EU and break the log jam herself by using her authority to give MP’s an additional meaningful, decisive and free vote on Brexit with the following three clear options:

1. Brexit based on the current GB-EU approved deal.
2. Leave with a no deal Brexit.
3. Remain i.e. revoke article 50.

Unfortunately option 3 isn’t one of the 3 voting options set to be put to MP’s this week, but surely it ought to be. It should be within the PM’s gift to be able push this through this week.

For the first time I can recall she even hinted that Brexit might never happen, when delivering a speech in leave territory Grimsby (70% voted leave in 2016), last Friday 8th March 2019.  I call on her to do the right thing and bring this complex and deeply divisive episode in our proud nation’s history to a conclusion by offering MP’s an additional vote on whether to revoke Article 50 and remain in the European Union.

Michael Peters, Editor, Tiemo Talk of the Town

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3 Responses to Brexit: A Solution to Break the Deadlock

  1. Tiemo Talk says:

    The Revoke Article 50 petition was created by Margaret Georgiadou (@madgie1941) on February 20 2019. For weeks it gained very little traction; then all of a sudden it gained 200,000 signatures by the afternoon of 20th March 2019. Since then and the Prime Minister’s address to the nation last night, 20th March 2019, the petition has been racing ahead faster than Lewis Hamilton in his Mercedes. It has been featured on numerous major news organisation’s websites and TV news broadcasts will I’m sure pick up on this today and over the coming days.
    By 3pm 21st March 2019 it had smashed through the 1,000,000 signatories barrier making it the fastest signed petition in UK history.
    If you don’t agree with the direction things are moving in you may wish to add your name to the petition.

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