What the African said in Hayes

Daliso Chaponda
Star rating: ****
Beck Theatre
Review date: 12th October 2018

Appearing for the first time at Hayes Beck Theatre, Daliso Chaponda appeared very much at ease on the big stage. Maybe that should come as no surprise, for though he’s been performing as a stand up since 2001, he really shot to national prominence as result of his short, stand out, stand up performances on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent (BGT)2017, where he finished in a very creditable 3rd place.

Daliso Chaponda

I’ve no doubt this contributed to a near full house. They particularly loved one of his early BGT jokes about how finishing third was, in some circumstances, really the equivalent of placing first. Daliso is extremely amusing and I enjoyed his refreshing stance on many topics, doubtless shaped by his Malawian-Canadian-UK upbringing. We heard his humorous, but pointed, take on a wide range of subjects spanning family, race, politics, language and the faux outrage we see so much of these days. He has a very pragmatic stance on matters of race, language and offense, highlighting through his comedy, how all too often, many people and the mass media twist opinions out of all perspective to actual real life tragic events.

He’s seems to be have been through some challenging experiences himself, though curiously I’m not sure he’d not include being an adopted child (he wasn’t) as one of those, for he said of adopted children, “at least you know you were planned and wanted!”

Daliso was well supported by Mancunian Tony Vino, who had an engaging, likable and friendly stage presence, a little reminiscent of Patrick Monahan. Despite mistakenly getting the date wrong – “good to be in Hayes on Saturday night” (when it was Friday) and saying he’d been in Birmingham the previous night when in fact he was at  Wolverhampton’s Slade Rooms he proved to be a super opening act! The jokes re Somalians and the Lion King were superb and had the place rocking away with laughter.

Never mind Britain’s Got Talent, Malawi’s Got Talent. Daliso Chaponda is a very funny man, with a wide range of witty jokes with unexpected punchlines liberally peppering his show. He is touring until the end of the year and if you go and see him it, will be time well spent listening to what the African has got to say.

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