Revelling in Bajan Comedy

The Comedy Bunker
Star Rating: *****
MC: Paul Revell
Comedians: Quincy, Nico Yearwood & John Moloney
The Comedy Bunker
Middlesex HA4
Review Date: 2nd February 2018

What do you get when two Bajan’s and two Englishmen walk into a bar? You needed to be at The Comedy Bunker earlier this month to find out as this isn’t the set up to a punchline, but what actually happened at the opening night of the 2018 season at The Fairway, home of The Comedy Bunker, for the show featured Nico Yearwood and Quincy, who both happen to hail from Barbados. I’ve never ever seen that before and even Nico Yearwood himself commented on the novelty of having two Bajan, arguably the only two UK based Bajan comedians, on the line up.

Nico Yearwood

You could see that the audience really enjoyed all of the performances. Nico Yearwood showcased a witty repertoire of jokes and stories about living in London, life in Bardados and immigration. Quincy’s set went down extremely well with a strong emphasis on fatherhood as he recalled raising his grown up sons, giving back to the community, keeping fit and healthy and the spins off from his borough, Newham, hosting the 2012 Olympic Games.

Headliner John Moloney was superb, with rapid fire jokes and some longer winded stories about pets and his school teaching days, where amongst other things he taught German. Mind you, there is no connection between the two … well at least I don’t think he taught dogs to speak German! That would require an exceptionally clever dog and exceptional Teacher!!

Paul Revell

MC Paul Revell knitted everything together wonderfully as host for the night. He worked the room well in a good natured, jovial manner and because of that the crowd were happy to engage in dialogue with him which all added to the night’s entertainment, thanks to deep voiced Jamaican Michael, the IT Engineer; the two HR & Payroll women, the Surveyor and Software Engineer.

It was great to see the venue packed for the opening show of the year at what is one of the country’s longest running, most popular regular comedy clubs. What the audience got when two Bajan men and two Englishmen walked into the bar at Comedy Bunker was an excellent night of top quality stand up comedy. The cultural origin’s of their comedy may have been varied, but the largely English audience, was hugely entertained by all four comedians and showed once again the power of comedy to transcend cultural differences and unite people in laughter.

© Tiemo Talk of the Town

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