That 90’s Show : Work in Progress – Patrick Monahan

Star rating: ****
Compass Comedy at Compass Theatre
Ickenham, Middlesex
Thursday 4th May 2017

Following on from last year’s ‘That ‘80’s Show’ Patrick Monahan skips a whole decade to perform ‘That ‘90’s  Show’. Bear in mind this was a ‘work in progress’ show ahead of showcasing it at the Edinburgh Fringe in August it was very good indeed. After a nightmare journey to the venue, in which anything but progress seemed to be the way of things – with numerous delays and train driver changes galore I imagine Patrick had wished he’d stayed back in the ‘80s!

Nonetheless, accomplished performer that he is, rather than complain and make excuses, he improvised and turned the nightmare journey into a source of great humour and the audience were laughing away from the get go, soon forgetting there’d been a lengthy gap between the previous comedian Juliet Meyers finishing her work in progress show and himself.

Patrick Monahan

Patrick aimed to look at life growing up in the North of England from a generational point of view. Seeking out the age range of the audience, he divided the room into those under 35 and those over that age. It wasn’t quite an even split as all but two were in the over 35’s group, resulting in one 20 year old lad, out with his mum and dad being the star of the show, along with the 33 year old man who’s biggest vice was watching “normal tv”, which Patrick was bemused by the innocence of that being considered a vice. Another honest man sat next to him said his biggest addition was sex. Funnily enough he was less the butt of jokes that “normal TV” man and 20 year old student!

This was a hugely entertaining, funny show, with plenty of belly laughs. As always Patrick created a feel good factor in the air and you feel better about life for being in his presence. If this was merely the ‘work in progress’ I can’t wait to see what the final product will be like in August. Edinburgh Fringe attendees are in for a treat.

That 80’s Show is currently touring nationwide.

Edinburgh Fringe 2017 runs from 4th – 28th August 2017.

Review and Photograph © Tiemo Talk of the Town

The next shows at Compass Comedy are on Sunday 14th May 2017  and Sunday 11th June 2017 @8pm. Tickets: £5.

Sunday 14th May 2017: Headline act Chris McCausland with support from Jayde Adams, Lucy Pearman, Jonny Lennard, Jim Campbell and resident compere Lewis Bryan.

Sunday 11th June 2017: Headline act Rhodri Rhys with support from Thom Tuck, Matt Hutchinson, Lauren Pattison, Rachel Fairburn  and resident compere Lewis Bryan.


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