Lolly Adefope Review – Soho Theatre

Lolly Adefope
Star rating: ****
Soho Downstairs, Soho Theatre
London W1
Review: Monday 16th January 2017

Next Show Wednesday 1st March 2017, 9.30p.m Booking and further information
£12 (£10)

If Lolly Adefope suffers from a split personality crisis that would not be a surprise. Nor happily would it be a bad thing for this fine, young comedian as character comedy is what she does and she is comfortable going in and out of so many different characters.

During this sold out show at the lovely intimate Soho Theatre (Downstairs) Lolly took the audience through a wide range of entertaining characters. The singing call centre worker was especially good, with the added bonus that attendees got to hear Lolly’s exquisitely beautiful voice. There was more from that singing voice later in the hour long show. It sounded so good at times I wondered if I was hearing a backing tape! This girl can sing and if the comedy ever dries up, we won’t have heard the last of her on stage that’s for sure.

Lolly Adefope

Lolly Adefope

The fine comedy was interspersed with a few good quizzes thrown in for laughs. This reviewer even partook and eventually won the ‘Last Man Standing’ competition which was good fun .I’m still waiting for my prize, so if you’re reading this Lolly Adefope, do the right thing LoL!

An occasional running theme humorously referenced the fact she has not acknowledged her racial heritage and issues of race in her previous shows. Why should she? Just because she’s African-British there is no rule saying she’s got to. Her job first and foremost is to make people laugh, which she did with aplomb. I found Lolly to be a wonderfully refreshing new talent on the comedy scene. There aren’t too many doing multi-character comedy and the constant laughter reverberating around showed that many found her a real joy to behold. Lolly Adefope is for sure one to watch out for and I for one can envisage a bright future ahead for her.

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Due to popular demand Lolly Adefope is back at the Soho Theatre on 1st March 2017 in Lolly Adefope: Lolly 2 Extra Show.

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