Dropperz the Pilot – TV Review

TV Rating: **
2 November 2016

Dropperz was one of four pre-MOBO 2016 pilot shows from ITV2 showcasing Black and Minority Ethnic talent. Dropperz, a British grime group are given a day alone in the plush surroundings of their manager Dani’s beautiful home to record a music video. It has to be a big hit to save their careers. Will they pull it off?

This is created as a ‘mockumentary’ based on a behind the scenes look at a band recording a music video. The concept was interesting but didn’t work largely due to a weak script, the viewer knowing nothing much about the characters or their back story.

The group comprised  Guz Khan, Adam Deacon and Kiell Smith-Bynoe. Deacon and Khan were decent, fairly interesting characters. I didn’t warm much too Smith-Bynoe and overall the story didn’t tug at the emotions in any way, so it was difficult to care too much whether they succeeded or not in their musical adventure.



Overall it was just short on laughs and dramatic interest. It’s a shame as it was made by the same Purple Geko team behind ‘Venus v Mars’ which started as a highly successful web series before being picked up and developed by Sky Living last year.

On a more positive note, the groupie Kelly, played by Letitia Hector of ‘Venus v Mars’ fame, added some humour to proceedings with her character’s somewhat vacuous,self taking persona. She lacked the musical talent that could possibly merit her inclusion on the record or video but that didn’t stop her enjoying herself with the band.

The show didn’t have much of a profile and I found the promotion of it, what little of it there seemed to be, to be very poor from all concerned including ITV. I’m afraid I see reality mirroring art and I think Dropperz will be dropped after this pilot.

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