Residential – The Only Way Out is In

World Exclusive: Residential film review
Film Rating: ***
The Only Way Out Is In
Buff Film Festival 2016
UK and World Premiere
Odeon Swiss Cottage
London NW3
Tuesday 20th September 2016

Writer/Producer/Director – Kenneth “Demus” Pascall
Executive Producers – Lawrence Coke and Chris Goldfinger
Production Designer – Chanelle Needham

Demus Pascall’s debut feature Residential, starring Aubrey Whyte, Juanita Ingram, Jevon Brown, Bola Oke, Louis Jordan and Lawrence Brown, received its UK and World Premiere at the closing night of the British Urban Film Festival 2016 in London.


Residential is a London based yardie drama that follows the journey into the deep and cold blooded mind of Bolo, (played by Aubrey Whyte) a paranoid sociopath with a vision to set up life back home in Jamaica with his family. Bolo’s days on the streets of South London as a prolific ‘Don’ have expired and he realises it’s time to step down but not before agreeing to do ‘one more’ drug transaction with Kingston Jamaica’s most wanted person of interest, ‘Fats’.

Bolo plans to fully legitimise himself with the profits never to look back but things take an ugly turn when his childhood friend ‘Freshers’ is mysteriously gunned down in a vicious set up, forcing him to return to the life that he’s been trying to escape from, not knowing that an unexpected fate awaits him that will shake the foundations of everything that he’s ever believed in.

Whilst I wasn’t thrilled about watching yet another gangster film, Residential proved to be a highly watchable, earthy, London centred drama about a group of Jamaicans and their world of crime and consequences. It was, as you would expect, very violent in parts, but also tugged at the emotions as you observed Bola seeking to get out of the gangster lifestyle and battle to ensure his son didn’t follow in his footsteps.

Residential is a very exciting film with lots of glamour and beautiful night time aerial shots over Brixton, Croydon and London and Kingston, Jamaica.  The unexpected twist in the film was something else. In a funny way, part of the appeal of the film for someone not a fan of such films, is that is doesn’t glamourise gangster life in a way that perhaps Legend (2015) did and producer Kenneth “Demus” Pascall was keen to emphasise that in the post screening Q&A.

There were plenty of fine, passionate performances from a wonderful cast, which comprised a combination of experience actors with up and coming actors. Residential was hosted by Comedian Travis Jay & Akua Gyamfi, Editor of British BlackList, who skillfully facilitated a post screening Q&A with the writer, director, producer and cast.

This UK and world premiere screening was part of a closing night double-header of Buff Film Festival 2016 films which also included a documentary about tennis superstar Althea Gibson.

Review and photos below @ Tiemo Talk of the Town


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Residential cast and Director during Q&A at Odeon Swiss Cottage

Residential cast and Director Kenneeth Pascall (3rd from right), Travis Jay (in red jacket) during Q&A at Odeon Swiss Cottage

Residential cast on stage during Q&A Odeon Swiss Cottage

Residential cast and Director on stage during Q&A at Odeon Swiss Cottage

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5 Responses to Residential – The Only Way Out is In

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  2. Leon says:

    I went to see this film and I was so amazed to see that such s production coming from UK

    It’s a shame that our media only highlight negative things that young people do rather than things like this that would definitely inspire much of our youth

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