Comedy Crossing the line with Toju and White Yardie

#The Laugh Society
Star rating: ***
Harrow Arts Centre
Uxbridge Road, Hatch End, Middlesex HA5
Saturday 5th March 2016

With a strong line up, the Laugh Society returned to Harrow Arts Centre for their first comedy show of the new year. It was good humouredly MC’d by Marlon Davis who had a wide range of amusing stories backed up with witty, improvised audience banter. He was ably supported by Aurie Styla, Rudi Lickwood, Toju and White Yardie. Toju divided opinion with his militant, aggressive style. Whilst funny at times, he needs to focus more on delivering the funnies than being distracted by and picking on people who aren’t amused. Looking around it was clear that many in the Centre were not enjoying his crude material and aggressive, borderline bullying style. That’s something that came up a year ago when he appeared on BBC Radio London and gained him an entry in the Tiemo Awards 2016. He should use the odd, stony face as unspoken, inner motivation to make them laugh. Toju surely must know that he crosses the line with the sex material and it was no wonder some people didn’t want to join in his deeply personal survey about their private lives.

#The Laugh Society

#The Laugh Society

Rudi Lickwood also crossed the line at times, but overall killed it with some stunning anecdotes re race relations and the woes of long-term relationships which hit the funny bone and had the audience whole heartedly laughing away in knowing hysterics. This was a fine gig, though too long as per usual with shows here. I think one less act and a finish around 10pm would be preferable to a 3 hour marathon. Sometimes you need to know when you’ve crossed the finish line and just stop.

© Tiemo Talk of the Town

The Laugh Society returns to Harrow Arts Society on Sunday 7th May 2016 with multi-award winning comedian Slim.

Jimmy Carr is also at the Centre on 13th April 2016 in a pre-greatest hits work in progress show. We reviewed this show at an excellent performance he gave at The Beck Theatre on 24th February 2016.


Marlon Davis made an important announcement about the future of Harrow Arts Centre. Please do support the Centre if you wish to see cultural arts continue at this wonderful and historic venue.

Donate now to protect cultural services in Harrow and transform HAC into a Southbank Centre for North London.

Harrow Arts Centre

Harrow Arts Centre

Harrow Council have agreed that an independent not-for-profit charity, Cultural London, will run the Arts Centre from April 2016. The new charity can only do this by replacing £500k subsidy with revenue from new facilities.

What We’ll Do

  • Build an independent cinema which will provide the income to sustain HAC.
  • Build a new theatre of 600 seats with a properly equipped stage.
  • Restore the Elliott Hall to re-connect people with its heritage and improve it as a performance space.
  • A gallery space would remain to support both professional and community exhibitions.
  • Offer spaces for current hirers and new start-ups with workshop rooms, rehearsal spaces and offices.

We need your help, now, to build these facilities. To keep HAC alive. To create a vibrant cultural scene for you, your family, your friends. A donation no matter how small or large – could go a long way to achieving this. If you love the arts in Harrow, please help. The time is now!


  1. Tiemo Awards 2016 – Round up of the best and worst shows of 2015  featuring Marlon Davis, Toju and many other performers across the cultural arts – 4th March 2016
  2. MC and Contestants Absoluntely Smash it at 60 Seconds T0 Shine Final – Organised by Rudi Lickwood – 12th February 2016
  3. No Laughing Matter for Black Stand up Comedy – by Michael Peters 23rd November 2015
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