Tiemo Awards 2016

And The Winners Are …

Tiemo Talk of the Town Blog Awards 2016

As we’re in the midst of awards season we thought it would be fun to announce our own Tiemo Talk of the Town Blog awards to recognise the best and worst of the 110+ shows we saw and reviewed last year. Not only have we honoured our favourite comedy shows, concerts, films, debates and lectures, we have also reviewed our favourite books and restaurants.

The results were published yesterday in our 4th March 2016 newsletter . You’re comments are welcome. I’m sure there’ll be much you’ll both agree and probably disagree with. We’d love to read your views on the list and who you would have awarded gongs too.

Jenni Steele

Jenni Steele – Guest on A.R.I.S.E. International Women’s Day Show 2015 – Winner Best Chat Show


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