Let Lee Entertain You

Lee Pashley as Robbie Williams

Star rating: *****
Saturday 13th February 2016
Tropic at Ruislip

In football they say the measure of a great player or team is if they can turn it on a cold night in Stoke. You could ask the same of a performer coming to perform in Ruislip on a cold February night, performing a tribute act to one of Stoke’s finest son’s. This was the question facing Lee Pashley at a pre-Valentine’s night gig. I first saw him two years ago at the Tropic at Ruislip and was thoroughly entertained by a mesmerising show.

Then it was full. Tonight alas it was nowhere near as packed and rather than being a standing room only, dancing gig, tables were set out nicely for a cabaret evening. I wondered how this would work for the great entertainer. Would it be a flop?

I needn’t have worried. Lee Pashley as Robbie Williams  was the consummate professional and delivered a superb show. He got his fans up singing and dancing with him and worked the room like a boss.

Lee Pashley

Lee Pashley

The audience were treated to a catalogue of Robbie Williams hits such as Candy Girl, Rock DJ and Angels, some good old Take That numbers such as Back for Good. There was even a bit of Frank Sinatra thrown in, some Queen and other hits from a variety of popular artists such as Mr Bojangles

He looks like Robbie, dances like him and clowns about like him right down to the silly walks. This was an intimate, engaging, fun gig. Many in the crowd were delighted to be involved in the show and there was none of the awkwardness you can often get at a comedy gig where people are shy to be called upon. Though it wasn’t a comedy gig, you could be mistaken for thinking it was at times as there was lots of funny banter in between songs. The second half was a cracker as he got everyone up on their feet and for the most part people stayed on their feet singing and dancing along for the rest of the night. Lee Pashley delivers a very professional and fitting tribute to one of the country’s much loved superstars.

Lee Pashley

Lee Pashley

I’ve enjoyed seeing a lot of tribute acts as well as the real, established acts over the years. Lee Pashley ranks highly as one of the very best I’ve seen and he left me and all who were lucky enough to be here with another memorable night.

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Lee Pashley is performing at Champers, Eastcote, on Thursday 24th March 2016.


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6 Responses to Let Lee Entertain You

  1. Michael says:

    You’re absolutely right Tiemo. It was a great show. Those who didn’t go missed a good night out.


    Saw this guy at The Tropic in Ruislip…he was brilliant! Attitude..check…moves…check but obviously doesn’t take himself too seriously as he is very funny…had the place on its feet and lots of audience participation…well worth seeing!!

  3. Tiemo Talk says:

    Thanks very much Tracey. He certainly had all that for sure. Glad you enjoyed the show.

  4. janice whittaker says:

    He was execelent ,kept the crowd entertained ,and up dancing.all night ,would def go again if you like robbie well worth going!!!

  5. Tiemo Talk says:

    Thank you Janice. People won’t have long to wait. He’s at Fratton Park, home of Portsmouth FC I think, on 11th March and back in deepest West London again on 24th March at Champers, Eastcote.

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