McGuiness and Vilani win Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour

Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour

Star Rating: ****
The O2 Arena
London SE10
Saturday 13th February 2016

Lights. Sequins. Cameras. Action. No, not me getting ready to write my next blog. Pre-Valentine’s I was fortunate to get the opportunity to go and watch the Strictly Come Dancing (SCD) Live Tour at the O2 Arena.

Sat high up in the stands at the O2 was quite an experience. The format is 10 celebrities paired with professional dancers. Each dancing two ballroom dance routines, one in each half of the show. The 3 judges score them and at the end the audience (nearly 20,000 people) vote for their winner.

Jay McGuiness & Aliona Vilani - Winners SCD 2015 & SCD Live Tour 2016

Jay McGuiness & Aliona Vilani – Winners SCD 2015 & SCD Live Tour 2016

SCD is a highly entertaining show and the standard of dancing is, with a few exceptions, extremely high. Some celebrities like Ainsley Harriot were a bit wooden. Jake Wood (Max Branning from Eastenders) was pretty nifty on the dance floor. He earned the amusing nick name “snake hips”. The Judges comments were witty, effusive and high energy and entertaining, although the scoring was a bit suspect from Len Goodman who seems to think everyone is fabulous and gives out 10’s like they’re going out of fashion.

Host Sue Perkins was wonderful. She was very funny, witty and entertaining in her interviews with each dance pairing and her banter with the judges. She kept proceedings cha cha-ing along over very nicely and was a very good sport. It was funny seeing her gamely agreeing to be dragged along the floor as an example of one dance that had just been performed by a pro-dancer. She later went on to say she had a huge, how can we put this delicately, “wardrobe malfunction” (a wedgie). The huge arena reacted uproariously and was filled with disbelieving laughter. To say that in front of nearly 20,000 people. That was unexpectedly funny to say the least.


Jay McGuiness (The Wanted) – Winner Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour 2016

The winners of this Saturday matinee show (and also the evening show) were Jay McGuiness (The Wanted) and professional dancer Aliona Vilani who danced superbly. Jay commented before the Tour: “I’m used to performing in front of massive crowds when touring with The Wanted, but performing with Aliona on the Strictly Live Tour will be a totally different experience. I’m loving my time on the TV series, but the idea of being back out in front of live arena audiences is something I’m very much looking forward to.”

My only criticism other than the scoring was the screens. They needed to be much bigger and a few more were needed. They didn’t do the show justice especially for those high up in this huge arena. It’s not on really and I don’t understand why the huge venues like the O2, Hammersmith Eventim Apollo and Wembley Arena get this wrong so often.

Strictly Come Dancing Live was a really fun experience. Certainly a lot different to my usual, quiet Saturday afternoon’s that’s for sure.

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Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour 2016

Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour 2016

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