Coel’s Chewing Gum leaves a bad taste in the mouth

  • Chewing Gum
  • TV Rating: *
  • E4
  • October 2015

So E4 have re-commissioned a second series of Michaela Coel’s ‘Chewing Gum’.  What were they thinking? Normally I would be pleased for a new young writer being commissioned for a second series. Heck, I’ve been campaigning for this for some time now. However I would never just give my backing to any show and Chewing Gum does not have my support and quite frankly it beggars belief that it got aired in the first place, never mind re-commissioned.

It was crass, vulgar and an insult to Christians, young women and various other groups. Its aimed at a far younger demographic than mine, around the late teens, 20 something’s, with a focus on the sexually naive Tracey Gordon, 24, played by Michaela Coel, 27. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with, or original about coming of age stories, the messages it gave to the young and impressionable were socially, emotional and spiritually inappropriate.

Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum

Episode one saw Tracey Gordon’s introduction to sex through talking to her streetwise friend Candice (Danielle Isaie) and later desperately aiming to shed her virginity. Episode two showed that the man who had rebuffed her advances – on what were said to be deeply Christian values of no sex before marriage (it would have been unique, amusing and uplifting to focus on this for a change) – turned out to be nothing of the sort, as this episode revealed him to be gay. They also showed disrespectful, blasphemous images of Jesus Christ, which were shocking and in manner I doubt E4 would have dared do of the Prophet Muhammad. Clearly E4 seemed to feel no way about allowing Jesus Christ to be mocked.

Michael Coel (Tracey Gordon) & Robert Lonsdale (Connor Jones)

Michael Coel (Tracey Gordon) & Robert Lonsdale (Connor Jones)

Coel’s acting came across as quite wooden, but what’s also really concerning though is how much of the mainstream media have fawned all over Michaela Cole since the show came out and got re-commissioned. She even got a spot on the Jonathan Ross Show last December!! For someone so new to the industry that’s nothing short of remarkable and whilst many will feel pleased for this young writer/actor’s success, it is not possible for me to delight in the way in which she has achieved this by choosing to deride the Christian faith she was once so “militant” about. How has this happened?

Chewing gum normally leaves a fresh taste in your mouth. Regretfully this Chewing Gum had a really nasty smell to it.

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10 Responses to Coel’s Chewing Gum leaves a bad taste in the mouth

  1. Geans says:

    I’m in my 40s….middle class female and this program was fxxxing hilarious! A must to watch 😁

  2. Tb says:

    This program is awesome! I cannot believe you have the audacity to publish this nonsense! Everybody loves chewing gum! Minty fresh mate only sour taste in my mouth is reading this ****** review!

  3. Tiemo Talk says:

    Geans – Each to their own. Not everyone will like it. Not everyone will be displeased by it.

  4. Tiemo Talk says:

    @TB – I can’t believe C4 had the audacity to broadcast the awful Chewing Gum either. Funny that. Not everybody loves Chewing Gum. You have offered no evidence whatsoever to prove that. Just because a show has a negative review doesn’t make it a terrible review. We just have different opinions, which is to be expected. Tell me, what did you so enjoy about the show?

  5. kiwisoup says:

    This review is literally the first bad thing I’ve ever heard or read about Chewing Gum. Coel won an award for get performance on the show and you call her acting “wooden”? I’m sorry but that’s about as far from wooden acting I’ve ever seen. I watched both seasons in the course of 24 hours because I thought it was hilarious, well written, well acted. Let’s just say it how it is. you didn’t like it because you are Christian. Period. The show is clearly not for you… why would someone like you even watch it? It’s like me watching golf on tv and complaining is the worst thing I’ve ever seen when I don’t even like golf. How opinion is well outweighed by praise. At first I thought there were actual comments supporting you, but then I realized it was just you. If you’re review can’t stand on its own and you have to defend it…I think that says something.

  6. Tiemo Talk says:

    @kiwisoup – Thanks for your comment. Maybe. You’re right I didn’t like it because it was blasphemous and for the other reasons mentioned. For those very same reasons I bet you the self-confessed ultra-Christian Michaela Coel would not have liked it one bit before she backslid. Not one bit.

    Why would I watch it? Well I love sit-coms and comedy so it was natural that I would. I expected to enjoy but you can’t like everything. You seem to suggest I should not watch and critique anything I don’t like, which is rather odd. I’m entitled to watch whatever I like, but I do acknowledge the point you were making. If it’s not aimed at my demographic, why watch it. I thought I would like it so I watched it, that’s all.

    After reading your comment I watched the first episode of the season two currently showing and must admit I found it quite funny. Some bits I found objectionable but overall it was quite good, so I’ll try and watch some more and see how it goes.

  7. Say wil says:

    I understand you’re entitled to your point of view but come on. The show Chewing Gum is a comedy based on real life in 2017. The characters are all in the early to mid twenties, perfectly acceptable time for them to be experimenting with sexual feelings. It is a beautiful, well written show and I know many people who agree.

  8. proteus083 says:

    First off why are you stressing that she’s black and he’s white in your argument for why the show is not to your liking? Second, he never says the Bible is trash. He says he started reading it to try and understand her better.

  9. Tiemo Talk says:

    Hello I’aiducco. Agreed. I didn’t see that episode but that sounds utterly disgraceful, disrespectful and of course blasphemous.

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