Marriage play review

Star rating: ****

Assembly, George Square Studios 2 (Venue 17)

George Square

Edinburgh –

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015

£12-13. 2pm daily (70 minutes) Further information & booking

Review date: Sunday 9th August 2015

Marriage: Institutional. Inevitable. Inescapable. Awful, isn’t it? Gogol’s delirious classic gets a fresh twist in a new adaptation by Tom Parry (Pappy’s). Starring an all-star sketch comedy super-group including Adam Riches (Edinburgh Comedy Award winner), Ben Clark (Pappy’s, Badults), and members of Edinburgh Comedy Award nominees Lazy Susan and The Beta Males (Radio 4). Directed by Russell Bolam. ‘A riotous adaptation of a classic’ **** (Daily Telegraph, on School for Scandal).

Interesting description of marriage. The three I’s. Institutional. Inevitable. Inescapable.  You could say therein lies the problem. Yes, marriage is an institution, but getting married isn’t inevitable or inescapable … at least not in British society, where the stats saying 1 in 3 result in divorce … or 2 in 3 last forever suggests that it’s not the permanent fixture it is meant to be. Also there is no I in marriage, for a successful marriage is based on “we.” Being “as one”.

The Gogol play Marriage is an enjoyable period drama-comedy looking at the attempts to marry of a rich, bachelor set in his ways. Two characters compete to get him married off. Who will succeed in getting their man down the aisle first? Or will neither win out?


A variety of suitors are introduced to meet the one woman who will be the chosen one, who herself is keen to be married, but only, to the best man of course. Well not the best man of course, as that would be weird, but you know what I mean!

In a way, though an English period drama, it’s essentially a play about arranged marriage and the reasons why someone would or would not get married. There’s good humour throughout via all manner of interesting and boring (but unintentionally funny) characters including the much put upon, but stoically reliable butler Stephen, who also appears to go by another name!

I would recommend this play. Unlike the real thing (which I am not knocking), this marriage last only 70 minutes and then you get to leave quietly at the end of it!

Review © Tiemo Talk of the Town

Update: 31st August 2015. We are pleased to announce that Marriage has made it onto our list of the Top 10 shows we saw at the Edinburgh Fringe this year.

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  1. Tiemo Talk says:

    Congratulations to Marriage which made it onto our list of The Top 10 shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015.

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