Sick Girl Mel Moon review

Mel Moon

Star rating: ****

Laughing Horse at Counting House (Venue 170)

38 West Nicholson Street



8th – 31st August 2015

12.05pm Daily (55 minutes) £Free i.e. pay what you think the show is worth.

Further information here

I was inspired to see this play based on reading a moving article about it in the Independent on Sunday, 21st June 2015. At that time Mel was desperately seeking funding to take the play to the Edinburgh Festival. That the show is on obviously demonstrates that her campaign succeeded.


It could easily have been entitled ‘Staying Alive’ [I’m sure no one’s used that title before:-) ] as it is primarily about Mel Moon’s battle to, weĺl, stay alive. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more serious, yet still funny show, in all the 3,000+ shows at the Fringe.

Mel makes it clear at the start that we have her permission to laugh which nicely set the tone for what was to follow. She has survived to tell the stories of a number of brushes with death. This is not a sombre lecture though but a cheerily upbeat story about the wonder of being alive and not taking the precious gift of life for granted.

She is a mother of two boys and a very likeable comedienne who held your interest with her incredibly personal and moving story, finding the funny on many occasions. Her partner Kris came in for a lot of amusing stick.

It’s a topical story too being about death and those who choose to end their life. She had seriously considered this. Only two weeks ago it was reported that 75 year old former Nurse took her life. Having worked all her life with elderly people, she did not want to stay alive being a burden to someone else once her faculties started to go.

It was also reported and now refuted by her friends that the late Cilla Black did not want to live past 75. All of these real life stories make you think about death and more specifically whether we have the right to call time on our life prematurely (if that’s the right word) and with assistance (legal or otherwise) or should we leave it to nature and the almighty to choose when our time is up?

Whilst being serious, it’s also quite uplifting, gallows humourous and thought provoking. Sick Girl is different to anything else you’re likely to see at the Fringe and Mel Moon is running, or rather performing, till 31st August 2015.

Review © Tiemo Talk of the Town

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