The Human Ear

Star rating: ***

Summer Hall

Roundabout 1 Summerhall,

Edinburgh EH9 1PL

£15 (£10) / 0131 560 1581 Daily 15:35 – 16:45

7th – 31st August 2015

Further information & booking:

A man turns up at Lucy’s door claiming to be the brother she hasn’t seen in 10 years. But why has he come? Is it really him? And what happens when there’s another knock at the door? Forced to confront the messy inner workings of sibling love with its petty resentments, casual cruelty, profound betrayals and implicit understanding, can the bond between brother and sister be rebuilt? An intriguing tale of loss, renewal and knowing who to trust, from Fringe First Award winner Alexandra Wood.

Human Ear

Human Ear

The Human Ear  is an interesting and surprising play; a complex two hander about a brother and sister who haven’t seen one another for a decade. There has been a death in the family and one of the play’s main themes concerns establishing the culprit.

This is a confusingly good play that utilised a unique format; whilst the female character was constant throughout the show, the male character played a confusing mix (at times) of several characters. With no change of clothes or scene, a change of lighting, (which was a clever way of depicting flashbacks to a different time), is all that signalled the changing male characters which the female character responds to. Impressive and no doubt extremely difficult for the actors, never mind the audience trying to follow the storyline.

It would help if this play (not to mention many others) set the scene a little better to assist audience’s in figuring out what is going on. Notwithstanding that, this is a gripping and fascinating production with quite a few twists. The setting in the round of the Roundhouse was beautiful and intimate, lending itself perfectly to creating tension and drama with the closeness of the actors to the audience and the closeness of the relatively small venue size.

Review © Tiemo Talk of the Town

Photograph © Rich Lokas

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