Underwhelmed by Twayna Mayne

Laughing Horse at Counting House (Venue 170)
38 West Nicholson Street

7th – 31st August 2015

12.00pm Daily (40 minutes)

£Free i.e. Pay what you think the show is worth. Information here

Reviewed: Saturday 8th August 2015

Star rating: **

UTC Artist Management presents… Twayna Mayne: Underwhelmed. A former child wrestler, breakdancer and owner of 94 pairs of trainers. Twayna should be happy. Instead, she’s underwhelmed.

Twayna Mayne got quickly into her stride with some very good jokes about children and care which heartily engaged a packed Counting House audience.

She had a lot of good material but something about her delivery and demeanour really let her down. I found her funny, but her nervousness betrayed her. She reminded me of Dane Baptiste in her deadpan style, however a little smile here and there would not have gone amiss. It would help the audience warm to her. I’m sure even Dane smiled once …. albeit back in 2005!

Perhaps her equilibrium and confidence was knocked after she forgot one of her jokes quite early on in her set. Nonetheless, that lapse seemed temporary as Twayna returned to finish the joke.

Twayna Mayne

Twayna Mayne

Twanya provided plenty of good jokes creating laughter that reverberated around the room. There was interesting material around family and her three siblings and her School teacher Mother. Let’s just say it was clear she was underwhelmed with most of her family, with her painful childhood recollections now giving way to humour within those experiences.

A few times she said a joke deserved a bigger laugh. I disagree and think they got the laughter they deserved. Whilst a comedian can make a joke out of such a comment once or twice, three times is stretching things and must tell you something. I’m not sure if she did many warm up shows but she referred to her notes a few times which you really shouldn’t be doing. Rehearsal time is over. The Fringe has now started.

Sadly, inexplicably and very disappointingly she cut short her show by 50%!! Thus her 40 minute show was reduced to 20 minutes. No explanation given. In 10 years of visiting The Fringe I’ve never seen this happen before. To be frank, many a show would have been immeasurably improved if an act had done so! However this wasn’t one of those and I sensed the audience were enjoying her show. If anything and somewhat ironically, it was Twanya herself who seemed more underwhelmed by her own performance.  I thought that was the critics job, not the performers! Perhaps she’s a perfectionist and expected more laughter at certain material or better delivery from herself.

The potential and material is all there.  However these are all things to work on and with practise and experience will come a more polished delivery. We can’t all be Stuart Broad when it comes to great deliveries and I’m sure the laughs will follow as surely as Australian wickets fall to Stuart Broad’s bowling!

Review © Tiemo Talk of the Town


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