The Double Life of Malcolm Drinkwater


Laughing Horse at Counting House (Venue 170)
38 West Nicholson Street

8th – 31st August 2015

13.30pm Daily (55 minutes)

£Free i.e. pay what you think the show is worth. Further information here

Reviewed: Saturday 8th August 2015

Star rating: *****

This new play is the work of Edinburgh favourite Patrick Monahan. I attended its premiere at The Counting House and was curious to see what is was like. Not just because the story sounded interesting, but to see Comedians Patrick Monahan and Gary Colman in straight acting roles.

The story revolved around Malcolm Drinkwater (Patrick Monahan) a hitman leading a double life. What was just as interesting, if not more so, was the stories of the three other characters who also lead double lives that weren’t quite what they seemed.

Malcolm Drinkwater (Patrick Monahan)

Malcolm Drinkwater (Patrick Monahan)

It was lively, funny and very well acted. Some of the lines had Patrick’s trademark humour all over them. I found some scenes, like the moving in and scrounging woman scenes to be a little repetitive, even though the humour and something else which I shan’t reveal, was to be found in that very repetitiveness.

The story had just the right mix of drama, tension, humour and good narrative to keep you engaged and anticipating the next action to come. The characters were all interesting, all with something to say that you wanted to hear and were keen to know what would happen to them.

Secrecy seemed to be the theme of this play and if you want to find out what these are you will have to go along and discover the secrets for yourself.

Review © Tiemo Talk of the Town

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