A Storm in a D Cup

Amelia Ryan

Assembly Roxy

Venue 139 – 21:30pm Daily. £12, £10

Further information and booking

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015

Star rating: ***

Just 24 hours after the nation unintentionally and unexpectedly enjoyed laughing at the 11 Australian men’s attempt at batting in The Ashes 3rd test, English, Scots and other assorted nationalities gathered to laugh at one Australian woman. The difference this time is that the Australian wanted people to laugh at and with her.

That woman was Australian Cabaret sensation Amelia Ryan who was performing ‘A storm in a D cup’ at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Acting out various facets of her life, we learn about the impact of growing up in a very unusual family and her  search for romantic love.

There was a bit of everything mixed in, lovely singing, comedy, amusing audience interaction and energetic use of the full auditorium.

A packed house for opening night was a fine start for Amelia’s run at the Fringe and unlike her Aussie men folk, she showed what a good sport she is.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this show but thoroughly enjoyed it. Amelia was a good, engaging performer, rather like a host at a party taking the guests on a journey through her life and career including being a Stripper which made for some interesting audience interaction!!

Review © Tiemo Talk of the Town

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