London’s burning

What is going on in the capital?

I had my suspicions with the first mysterious blaze in Perivale, West London, less than three weeks ago.

120 fire fighters were called out on a hot Saturday night to put out a huge fire on a quiet West London industrial estate. Flames were seen all over London. Fortunately there were no casualties. There were no injuries suffered by anyone.

Why did this happen? No explanation still to this day has been reported in the press. This first major fire was on Independence Day 4th July 2015.

perivalefire2 04.07.15

Three days later on 7.7.15 there was a second huge blaze in Rainham, East London. 80 fire fighters were called out. The cause is still unknown. Flames were seen all over London. There were no casualties and no injuries to people.

Today , 21st July 2015, London’s endured a third enormous fire, this time in Enfield, North London. 72 fire fighters were called to tackle it. You guessed it … again it was at an industrial warehouse. Huge flames were seen all over London, there were no casualties and no injuries to people.

We don’t mean to worry South Londoners and Central London dwellers, workers and visitors, but if this trend continues your area could be next.

These have aroused my suspicions.  I fear that the obvious patterns drawn means these may well be deliberate and inter-linked and I can’t help but think that there might be a terrorist connection. I think someone’s quietly building up to something even more spectacular. I hope I’m grossly over reacting but these are three enormous blazes in the space of just 17 days all with obvious similarities.

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  1. 21.07.15 Enfield. Industrial unit. 72 firefighters. Cause unknown. No casualties. North London – Guardian report – 21.07.15
  2. 07.07.15 Rainham fire in workshops. 80 firefighters. Cause unknown. No casualties. East London – Romford Recorder report – 07.07.15
  3. 04.07.15 Perivale warehouse. 120 fire fighters. Cause unknown. No casualties. West London – Get West London report – 05.07.15


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