Bullying and harassment goes unchecked on BBC Radio London Comedians Election Show Special

Dotun Adebayo on Sunday
Sunday 12th April 2015
Programme Rating: Zero

BBC Radio London 94.9FM

I listened to the whole of Dotun Adebayo on Sunday’s general election show on 12th April 2015 in anticipation of hearing insightful views and opinions on politics, the different political parties available to vote for, plus a good serving of humour. This was because the weekly Dotun Adebayo on Sunday radio show was listed as being totally different from his usual show. It was entitled ‘Comedians on the election – Focusing on the general election from a satirical point of view.’

Regretfully it seriously failed to live up to its description and anyone listening in would have been hard pressed to recall any serious or sensible political views espoused. There was precious little political opinion, insight or analysis. Frankly the show was an absolute embarrassment to the well respected ‘Dotun Adebayo on Sunday show’ and to Black British comedy.

Firstly, looking at the line up you have to ask why did the BBC book the four chosen Comedians – Joy Carter, Judi Thomas, Toju and Nabil Abdulrashid? Individually they’re all good stand-up Comedians. They just would not have been many people’s first choice of comedians for such a prestigious show, especially just three weeks before an important general election. Aside from Nabil, none of them are known for their political views. Toju and Judi did not even believe in voting and seemed to care even less for the democratic and political process.

Misogyny, bullying and harassment alive and well at the BBC

Nothing to do with Jeremy Clarkson this time! It was extremely depressing to listen to a lot of misogynistic,  childish, disrespectful and immature bullying and harassment of Joy Carter which went on unchecked throughout the entire two hour show. Joy stated that she believed in democracy and had faith in politicians which she validated via her experience of personally receiving good advice and support from her local MP. Yet each time she went to voice her opinion Toju just sang, talked over her or laughed at her. Judi and Nabil joined in too, giving the sense of deliberate group bullying and harassment to prevent her  airing her political views. That’s totally unacceptable. It’s also concerning that Dotun didn’t intervene to stop it. It was as if he was unaware of what was going on or just felt powerless to intervene.

When Dotun asked them all what they would do if elected Prime Minister none of them had anything to say. Judi said she’d have a carnival every week-end. That was totally embarrassing. Whatever sensible view Joy may have wished to express was drowned out.

To compound the awfulness they weren’t even funny. When Dotun asked at the end for them to tell him a joke and inform them what gigs they have coming up, they couldn’t come up with anything funny or be specific about forthcoming gigs. Talk about missing an open goal to plug their comedic ability and promote their future gigs!!

Anyone who listens to the show knows that Dotun always puts Comedians on the spot like that so it’s inexcusable that they were not better prepared.

There are intelligent, funny and politically conscious minded Black British Comedians out there who could have done themselves and the show proud. Unfortunately the four chosen did not do themselves justice at all.

It was easily the worst two hours of radio I’ve ever had the displeasure of listening to in my entire life and I hope the BBC never ever do this again.

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