Bloggers, Vloggers and the You Tube Generation review

Bloggers, Vloggers and the You Tube Generation
Alchemy 2015 in partnership with BBC Asian Network
Saturday 23rd May 2015
Queen Elizabeth Hall
Southbank Centre
London SW1

BBC Presenter Noreen Khan hosted an interesting discussion with leading figures in the virtual world of entertainment, Humza Arshad, Lord Aleem, Amena Khan and Planet Parle.

As a fairly prolific Blogger myself this was of great interest to me and I was especially keen to hear about and from popular Vloggers. As it turned out the main focus was on Vlogging – the speciality of the three guest speakers. That said, during the Q&A Amena said that Blogging is coming back more in vogue than vlogging, but did recommend I try it to compliment my blog.

I loved the clips shown from Lord Aleem’s Vlogs. This young man, 20, makes exciting blogs on his passion for fast, flash and expensive, high end motor cars. I loved watching these hot cars with the added bonus of a hip hop music soundtrack, fabulous filming and editing. It was like watching a mini-Top Gear produced by a young Asian man, rather than a middle aged white man.

He now runs one of Europe’s largest car hire companies and has around 150,000 YouTube subscribers.

Purple daisy

The one female Vlogger on the panel, Amena Khan, the woman behind Purple Daisy, talked about her Vlog, focussed largely on beauty. She also invented the hoojab.

Her journey to become a Vlogger started during a period of maternity leave from her teaching job. Such is the success of her blog, she has now quit teaching to focus on making money from her Vlog.

In extolling the virtues of vlogging, she said you don’t need an agent of big companies behind you to make it a success, just a computer, good camera and creativity.

The host pointed out that the biggest consumers of You Tube videos were young girls aged 15-21. This seemed to surprise some on the panel and many in the audience.

Planet Parle

Another young man on the panel was Planet Parle, who makes comedy videos on his Planet Parle vlog. He is Gujurati and records videos in English and Gujerati and if he ever forgets to add English subtitles to Indian videos his fans let him know by writing in to complain! This lets him know in no uncertain terms that a lot of people from non-Asian backgrounds enjoy watching his videos.

Weird stuff

All experienced weirdness as a result of their work. Lord Aleem gets car enthusiasts just turning up at his showrooms unannounced. Whilst flattering, it takes him away from his work and so is a major distraction he would rather do with out.

Aleem gets sent lots of make up. Planet Parle gets sent loads of hair products. He finds it somewhat disorienting to find the lack of privacy he can get. For instance he didn’t realise he’d been spotted dining out until a picture appeared on Twitter of him out eating a pizza!


The visual medium of story telling seems to be what vlogging is best for – whereas I tell a story using words and photographs. These guys use vlogs to get across their message. I’m not sure I’ll be getting into vlogging anytime soon, but it’s something I may well consider.

Amena Khan, Noreen Khan. Planet Parle & Lord Aleem

Amena Khan, Noreen Khan. Planet Parle & Lord Aleem

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the guests and watching their videos. I will be watching more of their content soon. I would have liked to have heard more about blogging as that was one of the areas highlighted in the title of the talk, but nonetheless some good advice was given out when I asked a question during the Q&A.

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