Still Alice: Film review

Still Alice (12A) Film rating: *****
Beck Theatre
Monday 11th May 2015

“Dr. Alice Howland (Julianne Moore) is a renowned linguistics professor at Columbia University. When words begin to escape her and she starts becoming lost on her daily jogs, Alice must come face-to-face with a devastating diagnosis: early onset Alzheimer’s disease. As the once-vibrant woman struggles to hang on to her sense of self for as long as possible, Alice’s three grown children must watch helplessly as their mother disappears more and more with each passing day.”

Still Alice stars Julianne Moore as a world-renowned linguistics professor who finds herself at aged 50 having to cope with early onset alzheimer’s disease. Incredibly scary of course for anyone, at any age, but it must be especially frightening for a lecturer who relies on her memory and academic smarts to earn a living.

The film deals with this difficult theme brilliantly in a sensitive and touching manner. It gets the pace just right too as the film, in gradual stages, shows significant moments of memory loss which are clearly the signs of alzheimer’s – failing to remember basic facts and locations which she would normally be able to find with her eyes shut.

There is plenty of good humour too, particularly with her very supportive family and husband, played by Alec Baldwin.

I found it to be a fascinating, gripping movie that quite clearly showed the slow, gradual onset and effect of Alzheimer’s disease. There were some jaw dropping moments when you really felt for Alice and her husband and these scenes confirmed in no uncertain terms that she had Alzheimer’s. At times family members just tried to just pass it of as old age, but there’s one particular scene in the house where you truly feel for Alice as the full impact of the disease smacks you in the face as you watch her stumble around disoriented in her own home.

You learn that there is no cure for this disease and in Alice’s case it was quite advanced for her age and had developed fairly rapidly.

The performances from Julianne Moore and Alec Baldwin were superb. I can see why she won an Oscar and BAFTA this year for Best Actress.

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