Every Little Thing He does is Magic. The Paul Daniels Review: Comedy Bunker

Star rating: *****
Comedy Bunker
Friday 1st May 2015
Ickenham Road
West Ruislip
Middlesex HA4 7DQ

Paul Daniels at the Comedy Bunker. There’s a thing. I’d always enjoyed his magic shows on TV, but had never seen him up close and personal before so I was very much looking forward to seeing him.

I had every expectation of enjoying this a lot and I have to say I really did. Quite literally it was an absolutely first class magic show. Not only were their great magic tricks – card tricks, illusions, disappearing objects etc… there were lots of jokes thrown in too. He’s got quite a lot of saucy, cheeky gags and one liners that he serves out throughout the show. He’s also quick on his feet too and good with the witty, unplanned ripostes. It was still quite family friendly too. Not surprising perhaps from this TV star used to serving up family friendly, prime time television magic. I liked how he spotted a youngster in the packed audience and realising he probably couldn’t clearly see the show invited the 10 year old boy to leave his mother and come and sit at the front.

Paul Daniels

Paul Daniels

The view was the only negative thing about the show. With the flat seating structure, unless you were 7 feet tall or had a clear, unblocked view to the stage, you had to stand up to see the magic.

Paul’s wife Debbie McGee got in on the act with her impressive feats of mind reading. The banter from the crowd was great too and made for a good, fun night’s entertainment. What was enjoyable and memorable was the inclusiveness of the act. A number of audience members being called to the stage to be part of the show – or in Debbie’s case she made some people part of the show without them having to leave their seats.

The audience were quite obviously loving the show, watching in rapt awe at a master magician at work. There was lots of laughter frequently reverberating around the room and gasps and spontaneous rounds of applause followed every trick performed.

This was a fabulous hour and 20 minutes of entertainment from one of Britain’s top show business entertainers. If you get ever get the chance to see one of Paul Daniels live shows, do so. You’ll like it. Rather a lot.

Review © Tiemo Talk of the Town


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2 Responses to Every Little Thing He does is Magic. The Paul Daniels Review: Comedy Bunker

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  2. Tiemo Talk says:

    I’m really saddened to hear about the death this morning of Paul Daniels, 77. I loved watching his shows over the years and will treasure the opportunity I had last May to see him perform live. He was simply brilliant, charming and very, very funny.

    The world has lost a great, great magician and all around family entertainer. Heaven has just gained a new magician.

    Paul Daniels R.I.P.
    06.04.38 – 17.03.16

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