Bearcat comedy review starring Roger Monkhouse

Bearcat Comedy review starring Roger Monkhouse

Star rating: ****

Friday 24th April 2015

Viaduct Pub

221 Uxbridge Road


London W7

Pete Beckley

First up was Pete Beckley. The audience loved his one liners from this wolverine looking man with the side burns.  It was a  real pleasure to see someone just delivering plain old fashioned jokes. Pete was fantastic and kicked off proceedings superbly and got the audience merrily laughing away.

Dave Green

Dave Green was a good, amiable comedian, if a little bit weird. His “lonely Builder” shouty joke made him come across as more than a bit demented. I’m sure he isn’t but he gave that impression. He repeatedly shouted out “Love. Love…” in an increasingly frantic sounding way, but there was no real punchline to it. Very odd.  Other than that though, this was a good performance.

Neil McFarlane

The Scottish comedian Neil McFarlane was very funny. Angry too,  but the amusing jokes softened the angry man routine. I loved his famous Scottish accents and the obligatory joke about what Scotsmen wear under their kilts. I like his confidence and the fact he seemed to have bags of comic material under his belt, or should that be kilt!

Ola the Comedian

Ola delivered a very good set. I thought it was going to be delivered on one leg at first as he came to the stage hopping on crutches. He cast them aside to go on stage though and explained they weren’t a new prop, but a requirement for him to use as a result of a recent illness.

He delivered smart,  very funny jokes including tales of performing and travelling around the world. This includes managing somehow to sell one of his £10 DVD’s for ten x it’s price – £100 in Dubai, amusing access to wi-fi, escapades going through customs in San Francisco and performing in Wales – the country, not the mammal. Now that would be some gig!!

Roger Monkhouse

Roger Monkhouse was a brilliant headliner to close the show. I loved his accents, especially taking the mic of the Birmingham accent. He came across as pretty well educated too, with good historical and religious references thrown in. There was the odd low-brow “knob” gag thrown in too, but by and large this was a classy and extremely funny set indeed. Quite edgy at times too, which was a little surprising considering his somewhat middle class demeanour and voice. I enjoyed his self-depracatory style and how he was very inclusive, working the room expertly to include the youngest, a 25 year old woman, to the older members of the audience in their 50’s.

He was very well received by the audience at this very well attended gig. This was an excellent night of comedy from Bearcat comedy.

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Bearcat Comedy at Viaduct Hanwell is every Friday night at 8pm. They also run a regular Saturday night gig in Twickenham.


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