Vote for Venus v Mars

Sky Living
Thursday 7th May 2015

Vote for Venus V Mars

There’s less than 24 hours to go. This Thursday 7th May Britain faces a big choice. Five more years of the status quo. Or does the country vote for change?

I’m talking of course about Black TV programming. After all, there is nothing much else of importance going on this Thursday is there?

The ‘double bill’ finale of the hit romantic comedy series ‘Venus v Mars’ airs on Sky Living. Tiemo Talk of the Town would like to see its ratings go through the roof so that we get another 5 years of this romantic comedy drama and other series of this genre featuring a Black British cast in positive, non-stereotypical roles.

Venus v Mars - Sky Living

Venus v Mars – Sky Living

Tiemo Talk of the Town  know what we’ll be watching at 11pm and it won’t be Newsnight! For years the public have complained that there are no Black British TV programmes on. People have demanded till the cows came home (and they never did) that the BBC should repeat ‘The Real McCoy’? They never happened.

Finally, people do not need to call out for that show anymore. RIP The Real McCoy. We now have a new champion and one that Black Britain can be proud of. It’s called ‘Venus v Mars’ and has been showing on Sky Living for the last 4 weeks. Episodes 9 and 10 will close the series on General Election 2015 night. It goes out at 11pm on Sky Living, just one hour after the polls close at 10pm.

TV ratings will determine whether or not this show gets commissioned. I think the show is superb and can get even better. There are other web series that have been successful on  You Tube  such as ‘All About the McKenzies’ which could just as well cross over to TV (‘All About the McKenzies’ was screened on London Live last year), but the TV Commissioners need to see that they are being watched by the Black TV audience and wider mainstream audience. This is where you can do your bit by watching the show and spreading the word about it.

Letitia Hector

Letitia Hector

For years people have complained about what’s on TV. That Black people aren’t represented properly or positively. ‘Venus v Mars’ can be the game changer, that changes all that. Give it a chance.

If you want another 5 years of no positive Black representation on TV, then don’t watch the show. If you want a change, Tiemo Talk of the Town say vote for ‘Venus v Mars’ and watch it on Thursday night.

The previous episodes are available to watch on Sky catch up, but not for long, so we would strongly urge you to catch up while you can. Vote Venus v Mars and together we can change the face of British television.

Review © Tiemo Talk of the Town

Venus for Mars is on Thursday at 11pm on Sky Living Previous episodes can be watched on Sky catch up for a limited period of time.


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