Venus v Mars surfaces on Sky – review

TV rating: *****
Episode 1 & 2
Sky Living
Thursday 9th April 2015

The stars were fully aligned last Thursday night, 9th April 2015, for if you looked into the Sky you would have seen the new series ‘Venus v Mars’ surface on Sky Living.

I can’t describe it as a brand new series as this is an update of the hit web series of the same name. Viewers were given a double bill of episodes 1 & 2 to launch the series on television.

Episode one set the scene regarding the central character, Venus, 20 something Accountant, played by Letitia Hector and introduces the viewer to some of her best friends and her brother, all of whom will feature strongly in this drama about her escapades to find true love in cosmopolitan London.

Letitia Hector

Letitia Hector – Venus

I had previously watched some episodes of the web series on You Tube and was delighted to see this again and be reminded of how good this romantic comedy show was. It was fun, enjoyable, light entertainment, providing plenty of laughter. It had realistic dialogue, believable characters and a nice feel good factor to the programmes as the viewer enjoys the rarity of a Black British series that does not revolve around negativity and tired old stereotypes so often seen when it comes to portraying young Black people on television.

I did though note some scenes were missing, for instance where Venus first meets the keep fit fanatic in the park, but I guess the Writer and Producer, Baby Isako and Victor Adebodun, had to do a fair amount of editing to get it TV ready.

Venus v Mars - Sky Living

Venus v Mars – Sky Living

The sound track for the show is superb and it was a master stroke to feature the smash hit song ‘Rude’ by Magic!

Episode two explored her first date and we saw a side to Venus that the first episode didn’t hint at and which I didn’t expect, but again was not a stereotype or offensive in any way. It’s drama and made for enjoyable television and I’m interested to know how things pan out for her in the coming episodes.

‘Venus for Mars’ was a nominee for ‘Best Web Series’, a brand new category at Tiemo Entertainments Black Comedy Awards 2013. It’s tremendous to see this show transfer from You Tube to a major Sky TV channel.

It’s been some years since a Black British series such as this made it to television. The Black family sit-com ‘All About the McKenzies’ transferred from You Tube to London Live last year and I hope web series will join these shows in transferring from You Tube to television in time to come.

Review © Tiemo Talk of the Town

Venus for Mars is on every Thursday at 11pm on Sky Living Previous episodes can be watched on Sky catch up.


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