Kenny Report 3 launch- It Matters

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Friends House
London NW1
Wednesday 8th April 2015

The Kenny Report III is the most innovative, thought provoking and revolutionary report in the Kenny Report series so far. It is a report written by young people for young people. This report offers a detailed analysis of the key issues affecting young people in eight policy areas; crime & punishment, democracy, education, employment & enterprise, equality & gender, health, housing and immigration.

Usually, authors of reports concerning youth policy and the lives of young people
are not of the age demographic discussed. However, this report breaks the mould
and ensures that the reader looks at these issues from the lens of young people who know what they’re talking about in their relevant policy areas.

The report, written by people aged 18-25 explains how issues in these policy areas directly affect young people. The report shows that young people will campaign on issues they care about, if they are provided with genuine opportunities and resources. The co-authors of this report are perfect examples of this.”

The Kenny Report III: “Personalised Politics”: Published 8th April 2015

The launch of the Kenny Report 3 was a highly inspiring, serious, funny & extremely entertaining evening that announced the publication of Kenny Imafidon’s latest report into the state of life in Britain. It examines the impact of Government policies upon young people across a wide range of areas from crime and punishment to employment and enterprise.

The event was superbly hosted by TV Presenter Rick Edwards. Lasting about an hour or so, it struck a good balance of seriousness, without being over preachy, mixed with uplifting entertainment in the form of thoughtful and considered spoken word poetry from talents such as George the Poet and, Alexander Maurice. There was also some plus powerful singing from The Voice winner Jermaine Jackman.

I admired the humbleness and impish sense of humour about Kenny Imafidon. After the incredibly moving story he told of the events days after his 18th birthday you’d need a sense of humour to keep going. He was arrested and found himself in Feltham prison for a crime he did not commit. Justice prevailed and he was set free.

Faith kept him going too. He praised God for being in the position he is in today. That is free to write, speak, travel the country and make a difference as opposed to being just another statistic.

He said he’s not in it to be a rock star simply lapping up all the glory, but has learned important things along the journey to publishing this third report in a number of sound bite quotes:–

“Success for me is sending the elevator back down once I’m at the top.”

“The TEAM makes the DREAM work.”

“Leadership is not just about leading from the front, but empowering and inspiring people from the back.”

These weren’t just fine quotes trotted out. You got the very real sense he lives by them as he spoke engaging, entertainingly and made sure he gave full some credit to his team and sponsors who made his dream work.

The Education system is failing young people

Teacher, and co-Founder of ‘Bite the ballot’, Michael Sani, 32, spoke of how the education system is not fit for purpose. This echoed the theme of the ‘Irons in the fire’ presentation by Bigga Fish at the London Festival of Education back in February. He once thought voting and politics didn’t matter, but three short, sharp sentences from his Head teacher made him see the errors in his thinking! He thought again and soon became a passionate advocate for democracy and participation in the political process. Michael acknowledged that many young people are apathetic and apolitical but urged people to at least sign up to the electoral register to vote so that they at least have the option of voting at the general election on May 7th if they change their mind. The deadline for registering is Monday 20th April 2015.

There was a tremendous turn out of young people for this launch which was fantastic to see. I’ve attended many a political event at Friends House over the years and never before have seen so many young people present. I spoke to one young person who had even travelled down from Nottingham specifically for the event. That’s powerful testimony in itself to the impact of the previous Kenny Reports 1 and 2 and the faith people have in the 3rd.

This event took place in the ‘The Light Room’ a brand new meeting room within Friends House. It was a beautiful room and fitting for an event that shone a spotlight on young people and politics in an extremely positive way.

The tagline # for the night was #ItMatters. Those present and who picked up and go on to read their complimentary copy of the report will know why. The report can be downloaded for free from the link below.

There were older, maybe wiser heads in the room such as Lee Jasper, Leroy Logan and Viv Ahmun, who’s Coreplan UK organisation, along with the Diahanne Rhiney group and many others sponsored the event. However, this night belonged to the young.

Review © Tiemo Talk of the Town

#KR3 #ItMatters


  1. The Kenny Report 3: Personalised Politics – 8th April 2015
  2. The Kenny Report 2: Is Politics for young people? – February 2014
  3. The Kenny Report 1: 2012
  4. Bite the Ballot
  5. Register to vote on-line – deadline 20th April 2015
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Tiemo’s General Election Debate – West London – Thursday 30th April 2015

Whether or not the Leaders debate last Thursday 2nd April helped you decide who to vote for or whether or not it swayed you away from your favourite party, for most viewers and voters, even those in the audience, it was mostly a non-participation event.

If you prefer the opportunity to join in the debate and pose questions, we are delighted to announce that Tiemo Talk of the Town shall be hosting two general election debates in the Hammersmith and Ealing constituencies on the 28th and 30th April 2015. These will offer young people, first time voters especially and all voters the chance to grill potential MP’s on local and national issues affecting Londoner’s and all British citizens with a stake in the future direction of Britain.

Tiemo will be working in partnership with Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College to host these debates which will include the prospective parliamentary candidates for both of these important West London constituencies.

These are free to attend. Further details and the booking of tickets to secure seats can easily be done on-line here


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