Soulful Kissaten Vibes

Star rating: *****
Saturday 28th March 2015

Kissaten Vibes was a musical concert aimed at raising funds for missionary work in Japan.

Organised and hosted by young people, the musical showcase  featured a number of young singers, rappers and a spoken word poet.


Rapper Dretonio was first on stage. He sang three numbers including ‘Sky Rocket’ from his forthcoming album. He is a very good rapper, and performed with a soulful, passionate and energetic vibe. He got the audience, including this reviewer, out of their seats and dancing right at the front of the stage to his final song. That took some doing and to be fair there was little resistance as people were in the mood to dance and not simply sit down and be entertained.


Sallifoye was sent to Coventry. Why she didn’t say, but fortunately for attendees tonight she returned to her hometown of London to sing a few beautiful songs. She sang them acoustically, with just one man, Cyrus, accompanying her on his guitar. They were superb. He played brilliantly and she had a beautiful, melodic voice and sounded as good as Beyonce. Sallifoye was very impressive.

Two of her songs were particularly good, ‘Because of you’ and ‘Soul song.’ Both are from her debut EP, appropriately entitled, ‘Beautiful’.

Mission team

The mission team going out to Japan were introduced to the audience by the host Jenae. They talked about the purpose of the work in spreading the word of the Lord in what is a non-Christian country. According to the host, only 1% of people their even know of Jesus. I find that quite astonishing to believe and if true I wish the team the very best of luck, for they have their work cut out.

The team going are Kwesi (Mr. K), Jenaé, Kweku, Ewurabena, Rebecca, Gina, Chisato & Aogu – the pastor of ECC Japanese Church.

It was interesting to hear each one say why they were going. Except Mr K. Who was denied his voice … by his wife Jenae LoL !! I thought she should have let Mr K speak to but she skipped past him on the premise he was performing later and because he was her husband! I thought that was a bit unfair. She obviously knows him very well, but the rest of the attendee’s, not on such personal terms, would have welcomed an introduction.

Jessica Leslie

Jessica sang a couple of songs from her album, ‘Salt and Light’ – Jessica Seri (her maiden name). Both were passionately sung, enjoyable and very well received.


Jenae Mills was a very good host. She kept proceedings flowing nicely with great humour and confidence. I liked the fact that the small turnout didn’t dampen her enthusiasm and she encouraged audience participation and joked around between artists during post performance interviews with them all.

Mr K

Mr K aka Mr K Poetry was the final act on and delivered a superb closing performance with his brand of spoken word/sung poetry. It was melodic, powerful, with fine lyrics and an overall quality that was easy on the ear. This was a fine way to close proceedings.

Jollof Rice and Sushi

Once the musical appetite was satisfied, it was time to satisfy people’s stomachs.
Lovely African and Japanese food was laid on for attendees. This was delicious and extremely varied. It was an unusual combination that I’d never tried together, but I really enjoyed it.

I left happy, with a belly full of food, music, chat and entertainment. I look forward to the next Kissaten Vibes.

By Tiemo Talk of the Town


  1. Dretonio – Magic
  2. Salliefoye – Beautiful EP
  3. Mr K – My Great Transition
  4. Jessica Seri – Salt and Light
  5. Tiemo Entertainments – Funny Ha Ha on-line store
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