Laugh Riot

Gina Yashere

Star rating: ****

Watford Colosseum

Friday 27th March 2015

Ever wondered what life on the road for an international touring comedian is like? If so, Gina Yashere’s latest tour, ‘Laugh Riot’ provided some of the answers. Having toured Australia, Singapore, China and the USA in the past year, in fact regularly in recent years, she is well versed in the oddities of these country’s and finding the funny in each one.

She has plenty of hilarious tales to tell, many of which were embellished via the prism of her Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), which seems to dominate her life, especially when in hotels. It’s quite remarkable and amusing to hear the length’s she’ll go to in order to maintain her daily hotel rituals – not touching this towels, or glasses, or remote controls etc… Much of it poked fun at her, but also the nasty habits of some people which has resulted in her taking such extreme measures. Actually when you hear the stories I don’t blame her at all.

Gina Yashere at The Tabernacle, 8th March 2015

Gina Yashere at The Tabernacle, 8th March 2015

We learnt a little about her upbringing from a strict mother who wanted the best for all her children and was determined they’d get a great education and go on to have great academic careers. It was fascinating to hear how comedy fits into this master plan and how her career took off.

Gina didn’t only have to look abroad for her material. She spent some time tackling her pet hate, literally, for all things on four legs – be they dogs, cats or wild animals and other mammals of the non four legged variety such as snakes and lizards. The audience loved this, especially the routine about the dog poisoned (allegedly) at Crufts this year.

Gina delivered a thoroughly entertaining and humorous show. If anything the audience had too much of Gina. I felt that the show could have ended at the end of the first half and everyone would have been fine, having had a good hour of Gina. A good 20 minute second half at most would have been sufficient.

Gina won three awards at Tiemo Entertainment’s Black Comedy Awards 2013 and 2012 – Best Comedienne (2013), Most Popular DVD (2013) ‘Skinny Bitch’ and Best International Comedian (2012).

On this performance it is easy to see why she has won these and many other awards. I’m sure Mrs Yashere will be proud of her daughter. Judging by the big queue of people lined up to get their ‘Skinny Bitch’ DVD’s signed and pictures taken with Gina (the self-proclaimed selfie Queen) Watford really enjoyed Gina.

Mr Cee

Warm up man Mr Cee, did very well getting the audience in the right mood, with a good work out for the laughter muscles ahead of Gina’s appearance. In a huge and impressive venue this was no mean feat, especially with it being far from full. His ice breaking style of comedy went down well, as he effortlessly managed to relate to and involve all members of the audience age demographic, from the teenagers to the more mature (I loved his definition of old as defined by, shall we say “ancient evidence”.

Review © Tiemo Talk of the Town

Gina’s UK tour continues until Saturday 11th April 2015 with a show finale at the O2 Brixton Academy with a guest appearance from Singer, Lara Lee, recently seen on BBC’s The Voice talent show. Tickets and further information.

Purchase the ‘Skinny Bitch’ DVD from Tiemo Entertainment’s brand new on-line store


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