All Rise for Iranalamadingdong

Omid Djalili

Star rating: *****

Watford Colosseum

Thursday 26th March 2015

Omid Djalili may have been in the final week of his latest tour ‘Iranalamadingdong’, but there was no letting up of the energy levels as he was on sparkling form in Watford.

Omid was eager to poke fun at his reputation as the go to spokesperson for all things Iranian with his jokey response to his thoughts on Hamas and other political issues. Furthermore, whilst he said he wasn’t going down the route of referring to his culture, he couldn’t help referring to it as part of his routine. This was best showcased via his comedy dancing routine. An old one, but a good one all the same and it formed a lovely running gag throughout the show.

Omid Djalili

Omid Djalili

His full repertoire of humour was on show, from mimicking accents, Nigerian jokes in tribute to his friend, the late Felix Dexter, to jokes about Shakespeare and pop music. There wasn’t just jokes too, he entertained the audience with dancing and music too.

The use of music and dance in the show gave the show a carefree, fun loving vibe. It certainly wasn’t a blue’s night, but we learned he is surprisingly a big fan of the band ‘Blue’. Me too! One love for all things Blue.

I particularly enjoyed the section where he took questions from the audience. It was very funny and innovative and showcased not just Omid’s quick wit in coming up with humorous responses, but highlighted the jokers in the audience too. Much as it was enjoyable, it did go on just a little too long as he took the time to respond to most of the questions. Best of all though was his answer to why the chicken crossed the road. That and the earlier Shakespeare joke (still topical judging by the laughs!) were worth the admission alone.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable show from Omid Djalili who once again proved himself to be the consummate showman.

Support Acts

Boothby Grafoe

I enjoyed opening act Boothby’s banter with the late comers to the show. Nice easy going banter. The psychic routine (I didn’t see that coming – boom boom) was good, but a little over done. There were some good gags in his set, including one about the Rolling Stones.

Joel Grainger was a superb violinist and joined Boothby for a couple of numbers and did a solo spot himself to open up the second half, playing Gotze’s ‘Someone that I Used to know’ with his violin. There was certainly nothing wrong with Joel as this was a beautiful cover version of last summer’s number one single.

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