Gifted At Primary, Failing By Secondary

Book review rating: *****
Author: Neil Mayers
Published by ill-Literation – 2008

Gifted At Primary, Failing By Secondary is a parenting manual to help Black children in UK schools avoid the ‘Secondary Slump’.

Gifted At Primary, Failing By Secondary is an excellent parental guide to educating your children. Using a simple, easily accessible writing style, Author and School teacher Neil Mayers, takes your hand and guides you through the vital steps a parent needs to take to ensure their child or children get the best out of the British education system.

This book should be essential reading for any parent of schoolchildren, ideally read at the start of their child’s education and certainly well before their child enters secondary school. It is a rallying call for all parents, but especially parents of Black children, who for many, many decades have been let down by the British education system.


With over 15 years experience in teaching and currently a Deputy Head teacher at a London Secondary Modern School, Mr Mayers fully understands what goes on in the classroom and the staffroom. His knowledge and experience comes across loud and clear.

As the book title indicates, this book explains in very clear detail why children succeed at primary school, why they fail at secondary with solutions and models for success. Success at secondary school is certainly achievable for Black children, but according to Mr Mayers it won’t happen by chance.

The book is brief and to the point with lots of helpful tips and solutions. I would thoroughly recommend it to any parent.

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