Bear Essentials of Comedy

Bearcat Comedy

Star rating: ****

Viaduct Pub

221 Uxbridge Road


London W7

Friday 6th February 2015

Jamil Madix

Opening act Jamil Madix focussed heavily on being a bearded, Muslim, Bin Laden look a like. Well he said that, but he didn’t really look like Bin Laden. However the long, black beard was all the prop he needed to let fly with a series of jokes poking fun at the ex-terrorist leader.

He was adept at pointing out the humorous anomalies between his lifestyle and that of a devout muslim.

On the subject of racism he was very good. The ‘Go Home’ joke was witty and funny and highlighted the absurdity of racism.

Jamil’s audience banter was good. As there was no compere for the night he had to work harder at this than he probably would have liked, but he was friendly enough and found the funny the best he could. There were some pauses as he thought of where to go next with his material, but I guess that will be eliminated with experience.

Bobby Davro

Bobby Davro opened by saying he really is Bobby Davro and not a tribute act. I liked that as this was only the second time I’d seen him live and for someone you’re more used to seeing on TV, it did seem a bit odd that he was performing in what was a small local pub. In fact, it was close enough to have been my old local back in the days when I lived in Hanwell.

Bobby gave his all in a real tour de force 35 minute performance. He got everyone joining him in singalongs,  got a few girls up dancing on stage and gave the audience a huge number of good old fashioned jokes. He was in scintillating form and showed just why he’s been a top entertainer for so many years.

Bobby Davro

Bobby Davro

He seemed to be really enjoying himself on stage, as were the audience. The jokes about Operation Yew Tree were superb. “I must be about the only 1980’s performer not to be nicked!!” The heckle he got to that joke was great!

There was a lot of modern, topical humour, so anyone thinking it would be a dated show, were seriously mistaken. I loved the impressions of the likes of some of today’s top stand up comedy stars like Alan Carr, Sarah Millican and Michael McIntyre. Bobby felt that he and his other contemporaries of the 70’s and 80’s who can still entertain should be on TV regularly like the aforementioned stars. However it seems unless you are interested in doing reality TV, cooking, home decoration, gardening or cookery shows, there’s little space in the schedules for entertainers. That said, everything has it’s time and TV Commissioners are always interested in the new talent breaking through.

Nonetheless, it’s arguably a valid observation to make. I have seen him and Jim Davidson in the space of 3 weeks and they certainly haven’t lost it and would give today’s young comedians more than a good run for their money. I daresay the same could be said for people like Jimmy Tarbuck and others too.

His singing voice was very impressive too. I wasn’t expecting that. He reminded people that he’d been in Eastenders 6 years ago playing Vinny, Heather’s boyfriend.

The room was very cold, but Bobby Davro warmed the heart with his tremendous performance. Great to see him back on stage.

Phil Jerod

It was always going to be a tough ask to follow Bobby Davro, but that was the task that befell Phil Jerod. I would say he struggled to do so, but then anyone would really. He was passionate in his delivery, in an almost thespian way. I didn’t connect with him so well and he went off on flights of fancy that I couldn’t travel along with. There were some good lines in there, but overall he was not my cup of tea.

Carey Marx

Headliner for the night Carey Marx was very impressive. He regaled the audience with tales of his frequent flying and touring all over the world and found good humour in how even the  life of a jet settting comedian can get tedious and repetitive.

He pointed out that in 2014 gay marriage was legislated for here in the UK and asked if people were in favour of this move. The majority appeared to shout out yes. Cue hilarious punchline which indicated that engaging in gay marriage, homosexuality, may not end up too well for those who do. I seem to remember being here before thanks to Paul Chowdhry’s PC World. He poses the same question in his show and it stimulated our most commented on blog of 2014, in fact it is easily our most commented on, most controversial blog, since we started blogging in 2011.

On a lighter note there was some good, personal comedy about age gap relationships. Being married to someone 17 years younger than his 48 year old self, he would know a thing or two about that. Right now it works, but he pondered what will happen when he gets, or starts to feel really old and his wife doesn’t? There were fine jokes and clever one liners sprinkled throughout his set.

Carey is a top quality comedian and closed the show superbly. Considering he had Bobby Davro on before him, that was no mean feat at all. This was my first time at Bearcat comedy, who have been running for 20 years, but established this new venue in Hanwell, last September 2014. I look forward to reviewing further shows from Bearcat.

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Bearcat Comedy is every Friday night at 8pm. They also run a regular night in Twickenham.


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