comedy bunker

Comedy Bunker

Star rating: *****

Friday 19th September 2014

Ickenham Road

West Ruislip Middlesex HA4 7DQ
Alfie Brown *

Compere Alfie Brown got the night off to a cracking start with his terrific Scottish accent that had many of us fooled that he was genuinely Scottish. Many were doubtless thinking that this was an inspired booking and brilliantly topical considering it was the day after the Scottish Referendum. Alas, Alfie was just putting on the accent and that was the highpoint for Alfie as his compering  proceeded to fall away as rapidly as support for the no to independence vote.

He complained that he found the audience hard work, but it’s not the audience’s job to make it easy for the Compere. They are meant to warm up the audience and make it easy for the acts to come and himself each time he appears to introduce them.

His banter was so so. He struggled to engage with and find the funny in the audience responses, but I feel their was good comedy to be had in more skilled hands. One person was a professional poker player and another woman worked with people with learning difficulties. Interesting jobs to play around with, although admittedly I suspect many would find it difficult to find the funny with the latter job and not cross the line.

His alleged quoting of a Roy “Chubby” Brown “joke” that Obama spelt backwards is sambo, went down like a lead balloon and lost him a lot of respect of many in the audience. It was juvenile and came across as racist, whether intentional or not.

Andrew Bird *****

Andrew Bird performed a brilliant set full of variety and innovative material. I loved the football v soccer jokes; material about his new bed and the impact of his new baby being born on this bed.

Their was a nice warmth to the humour too as he continued the jokes about family life and being a father with material re bathing his baby and people who have dogs as pets.

Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird

He included some topical political material too about the Scottish referendum and £sterling.

Terrifically funny set from a comedian I hadn’t had the pleasure of seeing before. Judging by the non-stop laughter accompanying his set, the audience loved him too.

Prince Abdi *****

Somalian Comedian Prince Abdi was on song tonight. There were some lovely, personal, political jokes re pirates and the Somalian piracy problem. Yes, you remember the stories from a few years back I’m sure.  As the only Somalian, former Pirate Comedian operating on the UK comedy circuit … (OK, I made that bit up re him being a Comedian, sorry a Pirate!) this was good, original material.

The customs jokes were great, as was the French accent and tales of travelling on buses packed with noisy 13 year old school children and street life journeying through Brixton. I hadn’t seen Prince Abdi for a while and on the strength of this showing, his troubles on ITV’s ‘Show me the funny’ are well and truly behind him. Onwards and upwards.

Ian stone *****

Headliner for the night Ian Stone took a while to warm up the audience, but once in full stride was in fine comedic form. He specialises in political satire and we had funny, topical material about the Scottish referendum, political marches. He questioned the appetite of the audience for political rallys and joked that perhaps it would take, for instance, the desire for a new Waitrose in Ruislip to get Ruisliponians to march.

He bantered well with the audience, including those who’d maybe enjoyed a little too much wine during the show.

In spite of the relative weakness of the host, one again Comedy Bunker delivered a fantastic show thanks to three outstanding performers in Andrew Bird, Prince Abdi and Ian Stone.

I look forward to seeing these comedians again.

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