Michael Jackson: Behind the mask

  • Star rating: ****

    Santa Barbara Golf and Ocean Club Hotel

    Golf Del Sur


    Sunday 7th September 2014

    Michael Jackson: Behind the Mask was a tribute show to the late, great Michael Jackson that aimed to tell a story of one ordinary man’s ambition to be Michael Jackson. The principal character is a Cleaner with an exceptional talent to sing and dance. When the music of Michael Jackson comes on he is transformed in a heartbeat from a humble Cleaner to Pop star.

    The hour long show purportedly has a story, but is essentially basically a good excuse to perform a number of Michael Jackson (MJ) and Jackson 5 classic hit songs. MJ danced and sang wonderfully to a range of tracks including Billie Jean, Wanna be startin something, ABC and Dirty Diana.

    The audience interaction was fun … a little too much though at times, as yours truly got selected to come on stage and join in a group dance routine with MJ and other “lucky volunteers”. I can now say I’ve danced on stage with Michael Jackson! Not many people can say that!

    Some of the chat between songs was a little weak and didn’t really add greatly to the show.

    The female dancer that accompanied him for some songs was OK, but by no means exceptional. She didn’t really have too much to do though and just joined in for some of the songs. By contrast, MJ danced superbly and kept the audience’s rapt attention from start to finish.

    I have to say the pre-show quiz was fun, but it was a shame when the context was won so quickly, that they didn’t do a 2nd round to keep everyone entertained and involved.

    We thoroughly enjoyed the show and by chance got to see him again 5 days later in the Cafeteria Plaza , Playa Des Las Americas, Tenerife, plus another Michael Jackson (aka Robert Alexander Giles) and you thought there was only one!) in London the day after!

    © Tiemo Talk of the Town

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