Trevor Noah – Work in Progress

Trevor Noah

Work in Progress ****

Wednesday 23rd July 2014

Soho Theatre

London W1

It’s always a pleasure to catch Trevor Noah. There’s a laid back, relaxed charm about the guy which I like. That’s underpinned by an assured confidence in the show he’s about to deliver. He’s the driver of the bus on the tour of his life and home country, South Africa. He knows exactly where he’s taking you and how to get there.

In a humorous way he quietly sets about dispelling myths about South Africa. A fair amount I’d heard before, so that was a bit disappointing as I expected a work in progress show to be full of new material. However when the response to the show of hands as to who has seen him before, was 70% hands raised, perhaps he decided to fill the audience in on his back story before moving on to the newer gags.

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah

As with all his previous shows here, this was sold out and it’s no wonder. He broke Soho Theatre box office records last year and so comes to the stage now, not as a newcomer to London, but as a star with a big reputation.

I loved all the new jokes about the English, children and the London Underground, plus Shrien Diwani (the millionaire guy from Bristol who appeared to be avoiding extradition and delaying going on trial in South Africa for allegedly arranging the murder of his wife on their honeymoon.)

It was a pity it ended on a bum note, when he sought to engage a couple in the audience in banter. Alas they didn’t play ball and acted all shy. Shame. Why sit in the front row and then go all coy? Maybe best not to engage in audience banter as a way of closing a show next time.

That didn’t take away from the fact that the she show was superb and had the audience laughing away throughout. Trevor Noah was ranked #1 in Tiemo’s list of the Top 10 Black Comedians to look out for in 2014 and this show allied to his Shepherd’s Bush Empire show in January 2014 demonstrated why he was ranked first.

I look forward to seeing the full show when he next tours in England.

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