Venue 5

Venue 5 Indian Restaurant and Bar

Restaurant Rating: ****

446 Field End Road

Eastcote, Middlesex HA4 9PB

Tel 0208-429 1155 12Noon – Midnight – 7 days a week.

An opportunity to combine two of my great passions is never one to be missed. Football and food. Both were available, as always, at Venue 5.

I’ve not dined in here for a while and it was good to be back.


First impressions when it came to just the menu were exceeded. Spotting a few lovely looking purple bound books on another’s diner’s table I assumed they were wedding albums so lush did they seem. How wrong was I, for it turned out they were Venue 5’s new menu’s!

The introduction states that they are committed to excellence. That certainly showed up in abundance in the physical manifestation of the menu. I’ve never seen such a glossy bound menu before. It reeked of class and sophistication. If that was the menu, the food had a lot to live up to!

Main Course

Team Tiemo ordered the chicken biryani and lamb biryani, with curry sauce and yoghurt sauce.

We were served up ample portions, which is always a welcome sight for the hungry. The chicken biryani and lamb biryani tasted fresh cooked, authentically Indian and were absolutely delicious.

One criticism I had, albeit a minor one, was with the lamb biryani where the rice:lamb ratio was somewhat imbalanced and required a lot more rice to accompany the meat. That’s unusual, as if anything it’s usually the other way around. The meals, considering the ambiance and service were very good value at £8.50 for the chicken and £9.45 for the lamb.

The meal’s were enjoyed with a simple glass of thirst quenching apple juice.

The main restaurant was absolutely packed, as was the smaller restaurant – where a private party were celebrating a birthday. That is testimony to the fine quality food, excellent service and ambiance. The waiter’s were more than helpful and courteous. As ever, it was a pleasure to dine and be waited upon at Venue 5.

As for the football, there were plenty of large, good quality television screens handily placed all over the restaurant and bar, meaning that from most seats you can watch the game if you wish to and importantly, hear the commentary, which is a plus for football fans such as myself! If you don’t care for the football the screens and commentary are easily enough ignored.

With respect to the game, I felt a 1-1 draw between Manchester City v Chelsea was a fair result, although my colleague was not so pleased and it was very odd seeing Frank Lampard score an equaliser for Manchester City, having worn the blue of Chelsea for so many years!!

Price: Chicken biryani (£8.50), lamb biryani (£9.45) and 2 x glasses of apple juice (£3.00). Total for a meal for two at Venue 5 – £20.95.

© Tiemo Talk of the Town

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