Cafeteria Plaza

Restaurant star rating: *****
Arona Parque
CC Santiago V
Playa De Las Americas,
Tenerife ZIP: 38660
Telephone:0034 922 752 612
Opening Times: 9am – 12midnight Every day
Average price €15-35 Euros.

Review date: Friday 12th September 2014

The first thing I have to say about the Cafeteria Plaza is that it’s name is somewhat misleading. It’s nothing like a cafe, more like a traditional restaurant and bar, with one difference. It’s al fresco! It’s a terrifically popular place and tables were hard to come by. Once seated, the hardest thing to do was choose from a zillion menu’s they had. One for mains, another 2-3 for desserts, ice creams, a few drinks menu’s, children’s menu’s. All printed on thick, high quality material. Which was in keeping with the class of the venue.

Main meal

My colleague and I settled for the paella valenciania (chicken paella priced at a very reasonable €8.04). The portions were substantial and the taste delicious. It felt authentically Spanish. The meal was washed down with a traditional Spanish drink – sangria (€8.04 for ½ litre). That was very nice indeed.


The dessert looked lovely on the menu, but was even more of a sight to behold when it arrived. I ordered the strawberry gateaux (€5.61), which was enormous, highly, satisfying, sweet, with cream and fresh strawberry’s liberally covering the top. That was a real treat for the palette, but probably not so good for the waistline!

We also tried the crepe ismacrep (€5.42). This was quite tasty too.

Michael Jackson ‘Behind the mask’

Yes, you read right. Michael Jackson get’s a mention in a restaurant review. No, he wasn’t on the food menu (perish the thought!) but he was, well at least a tribute act to him, was on the entertainment bill. I actually bumped into him quite by chance as I was about to pass this restaurant, sorry cafe, looking for somewhere to eat. He had invited me on stage at his Santa Barbara Golf Club show on 7th September 2014 and was set to do a shorter version of that show at this very cafe come restaurant. Hearing that, it was a no brainer as to the choice of restaurant on this night.

He delivered a fabulous show, pretty similar to Sunday’s, but minus the female singer. The performance was great, engaging and it was another very charismatic show from Michael Jackson. You were almost mesmerically drawn to watch him throughout. I loved the way he interacted well with the audience, calling on a few people to join him on stage so to speak. They were all good sports and terrific fun to watch.

The popularity of Michael Jackson was evident too as the street outside had throngs of people watching the performance.

You don’t get this at most restaurants! That was such a pleasure to add to the meal. He was followed by the compere, who prior to Michael Jackson, sang a few Phil Collins numbers and immediately following this show, sang ‘Every Breath you Take’ by The Police. I couldn’t have dreamt a better night than this. Great meal, followed by performances of two of my favourite artists of all time.

Venue and Location

The setting was fabulous too on one of Playa Da Las America’s foremost avenue’s, a very short walk from the famous Hard Rock Cafe and Magic /Pyramides which is showing the hottest musical in town ‘Meliziadis’.

They even have a very high tech gizmo for calling the waiter, which was a very nice touch and most welcome as the place was heaving. The service was great. With a smile and nothing too much trouble. Even as far as charging up my flat mobile phone battery!

This two course meal and drinks for two at Cafeteria Plaza came to a very reasonable – €37.91.

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