Stop in the name of the law

New Stop & Search guidelines have been adopted by 24 police forces across England and Wales.

“Tougher thresholds will mean officers in England and Wales are able to use the most controversial form of stop and search powers much less frequently.

Another new measure will make it compulsory for police to record whether or not a stop and search led to anyone being arrested.” Daily Telegraph


Do you welcome the toughening up/restrictions put on the use of police powers?

What effect do you think this will have on community relations with the Police and how the use of Stop and Search is perceived by the general public?


1. Teresa May introduces new restrictions on stop and search powers – 26.08.14 Daily Telegraph

2. Section 60 – Stop and search – Liberty

3. Are the police a spent force? – Tiemo review of Battle of Ideas 2013 debate 30.10.13


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