Notting Hill Carnival

Well rain might have dampened down Day 2 of the Notting Hill Carnival 2014, but overall from what we’ve seen and read it didn’t deter revellers from making the best of the two day street carnival.

This is August in London after all. Sunshine isn’t guaranteed.


What will irk many is how the media always report this huge event in terms of crime figures. It’s almost as if it’s an annual occasion to monitor the spirit levels, not of joy and happiness, but of doom and gloom. Considering up to two million visitors attend each year, the crime levels, falling year on year it must be noted, down to the 200’s per year, the number’s of criminal acts and arrests are small in comparison (a) to the millions attending and (b) compared to other major festival such as Glastonbury which attract far less attendees, but for more arrests.


Why can’t the coverage just focus on carnival as being a hugely popular, successful and much loved annual event in the British calendar as they do with Glastonbury, Last night of the proms, FA Cup final and countless other major events?

Do you think that’s feasible or are the media determined to maintain the status quo coverage?

50 or 51?

For such a well covered event it seems odd that there is a dispute over the year it started. Some say this year was its 50th anniversary, other say 2015 will mark the 50th anniversary. What do you say?


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