Tiff Stevenson – Optimist

Star rating: *****

Gilded Ballon – Teviot

Edinburgh Fringe

Date of show reviewed – Thursday 7th August 2014

30th July – 23 August 2014 21:15pm. £7-10. Book tickets

On cloud nine one minute and battling your inner critic the next? In 2012 Tiff was awarded Stutter’s Spirit of the Fringe. In 2013 she had an operation on her tongue, drank Everyday Vodka and spent too much time arguing on forums. In her new show Tiffany explores the possibility of optimism in a world full of Kardashians and guns. As seen on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Next Week’s News, 7 Day Saturday and Only Joking.

‘Hilarious, beautifully written’ **** (Metro)
‘Genius’ **** (Sunday Telegraph)
‘Very funny’ (Slash, Guns n’ Roses)

To be or not to be, optimist or pessimist? Glass half full or half empty? I went into the Gilded Balloon optimistic of seeing a very funny show from Tiff Stevenson. This was based on her ‘Show me the funny’ TV appearances and the previous two occasions I’ve seen her live – curiously enough at a British Library show and at the Hammersmith Apollo final, 25 August 2011, of ITV’s ‘Show me the funny’ where she was a runner up.

Tiff Stevenson

Tiff Stevenson

Back then of course she was known as Tiffany. Not sure why she’s dropped the ‘any’ … lucky she didn’t shorten her name to just Ti (like the American rapper) or this sentence could have been awkward!

I was right to be optimistic. Tiff delivered a superb show, that was consistently funny from start to end, with plenty of twists and turns, highs and lows.  It included some very dark moments when she talked about her battle with depression and attempted suicides as a teenager. This was a shock and very sad to hear about. In the week that legendary comedian and actor Robin Williams took his life it’s very poignant. It’s a subject I’ve touched on before in my review of ‘Sane New World: Ruby Wax‘, who also performed last week at the Edinburgh Fringe.

In more recent times she had a health scare to deal with, regarding a sore on her tongue. She is full of praise for the NHS in helping her deal with that. That was quite a dramatic and shocking story to listen to and not at all what I expected, but it was very good to see Tiff on stage doing what she does best and talking about this rather than having to deal with it as a live issue or worse, not being here to talk about it at all.

Tiffany’s come on a long way since her early days and role in ‘Show me the funny’ and it’s impressive and pleasing to see. This  is a superb show, not just because there’s plenty of cracking jokes throughout, but it combines seriousness, whilst given levity, not only by the jokes, but via the demonstration of her versatility as an all singing, all dancing performer who admires the likes of Stevie Nicks and Kate Bush. Who knows, maybe we’ll see her on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ next?

Tiff features in our Top 10 list of comedy shows to see at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014.

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