Rory O’Hanlon: Have Jokes Will Travel

Rory O’Hanlon: Have Jokes Will Travel
Star rating: *****
PBH Free Fringe
Cabaret Voltaire venue 338
36 Blair Street
Wednesday 6th August 2014
18:20pm. 1 hour. Free (Donations welcome). Further information

Strap in, it’s joke time. Come join one of the rising stars of Irish and UK comedy, Rory O’Hanlon, in this hilarious hour of non-stop gags. Known for his machine gun style of joke telling, this new show of brilliant observational stand up will have you rolling in the aisles. ‘A joke every 30 seconds’ (Irish Times). ‘Smart, funny, and charming’ (Skinny). ‘Truthful and entertaining’ (Three Weeks). **** (

This show was billed as pure stand up comedy. A gag every 30 seconds. The audience got that alright, with jokes literally tripping of the tongue of Irish Comedian Rory O’Hanlon, but in addition we had what sounded like a rock band playing in a room above our heads. How Rory didn’t get distracted is a wonder and to his credit that he soldiered in without even referring to the annoying din, which was loud enough to fill Wembley Arena, never mind a small cavern in Edinburgh.

Rory O'Hanlon

Rory O’Hanlon

Rory’s audience banter was fabulous, especially the teasing posh Emma from Dulwich who refused to give her full name having already said the area she lived in!

The only criticism I had was with the swearing, with such prolific use of the ‘f’ word even Gordon Ramsay might have blushed! I’m sure Rory’s got a better and wider vocabulary that would allow him to make his points more creatively than this.

Considering this was a free show it represented excellent value for money. Rory’s show was far better than many of the pay to see shows on at the fringe.

Rory is a very funny man who had his Cabaret Voltaire audience falling about with laughter throughout his one hour performance. The jokes were great and flowed rapidly like water flowing down Edinburgh’s Leith river. I’m sure it won’t be long before we see him on TV.

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