Andrew Ryan: The Life of Ryan

Andrew Ryan: The Life of Ryan
Star rating: **
Wednesday 6th August 2014
Wee room. Gilded Balloon.
8pm. Daily to 24 August 2014. £7-£8

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Irishman Andrew Ryan is 32 years old and could not be happier, or could he? Everyone around him is getting married and buying houses. In his new show The Life of Ryan, the Corkman explores the direction in which his life has gone and his frustrations along the way. Andrew’s quintessentially Irish storytelling abilities and cheeky, friendly demeanour make him a natural observational stand up.

Follow up to his debut show Ryanopoly. ‘Illuminating debut’ **** (Metro). ‘Ferociously intelligent, charming, hilarious and accessible with some really powerful thinking underneath it all’ ***** (Skinny)

Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan set out to explore the direction his life has taken and his frustrations along this journey. Is he as happy as he could be? Are any of us?

Andrew is a likeable Comedian. The jokes and patter are all there. Unfortunately on this night it just wasn’t working that well from the audience’s perspective. Their seemed to be a general malaise and lethargy about, which he picked up on and ascribed to “5th show of the day syndrome”. That could be a factor, but there are shows on later than his, so I wold have to disagree with that assessment. Ultimately the punters are there to be entertained, tired or not, so it’s the comedian’s job to keep his or her audience interested, paying attention and laughing at their routine.

I would acknowledge though that a typical Fringe attendee will have seen a lot of shows at the fringe so it can take more to get them engaged in a show than normal.

His theme of looking at the direction his life has taken is proving a popular and humorous one amongst comedian’s this year, including Mark Nelson, Dane Baptiste, Ruby Wax and Tiffany Stevenson.

Andrew is funny and quick witted, with excellent improvisational ability. This was highlighted towards the end of the show as he organised an impromptu Happy Birthday sing a long to a local woman celebrating her birthday. However I expected more ribbing of her after all the background info he took time to gain on her from her friends e.g. her restaurant work. It made you wonder why he collected all that information. Maybe he’ll pop in for a meal one day.

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1 Response to Andrew Ryan: The Life of Ryan

  1. Pauline says:

    It would be nice to have heard more gags and less swearing….surely that’s what the audience deserve!

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